By Ben Gavelda

The WCI Fiesta de la Pipa at Mammoth got things rolling for the Cinco de Mayo weekend. Ideal spring conditions and a slew of shredders spiced up sleepy Mammoth for an end of the season gathering. ¡Que picante! A crew of campesinos, including Nate Farrel and Wyatt Caldwell crept out of their wooded campsite for some cervezas, hamburguesas, and dinero. Under sunny skies, Indamix record’s MyG kicked the beats and gave the crowd a taste of tomorrow’s Talib Kweli concert.

The atmosphere was reminiscent of a backyard mini-ramp session with riders kicking back after a long winter. Judging was up to the riders in the always-fun jam format. The Unbound Park staff had the pipe dialed in and lined with jib features. Piñatas adorned la pipa, with $500 cash going to the first shredder to crack one open. Luke Wynen had the lucky swing, sending candy flying down the pipe while throwing some scrill in his pocket. Veteran JP Walker took a little tumble early on and left with his arm in a sling. Hopefully we’ll see him back on his feet for the rail jam tomorrow night. Stepchild boys Stian Solberg and Joey Sexton made up for his absence with rail-shred Sexton showing that he can rip the pipe too.

Handplants were rampant throughout the pipe and ally-oop backside rodeos were the hot trick at the bottom. Mammoth local Mason Aguirre stomped a few pretty ones of the 900 flavor, thus landing him second place and $1,500. The biggest standout of the day came from Luke Mitrani, who cleaned a perfect switch double-wildcat. Cat scratch fever! Hah! Mitrani took home Best Trick and lots of cheers from the pit. Jamie Anderson and Chas Guldemond must have fueled up on lucky breakfast burritos this morning because they charged the hardest in the eyes of their peers. Both took home top awards and some hard earned cash.

Stay tuned for the WCI Rail Jam in the Mammoth Mountain Village tomorrow night with an after performance by MyG and Talib Kweli.


1st Place: Chas Guldemond, $5,000

2nd Place: Mason Aguirre, $1,500

Best Trick:  Luke Mitrani, $1,000

Piñata Bonk: Luke Wynen, $500


1st Place, Jamie Anderson, $2,000