Wave Rave Hires Outside Designers

Wave Rave has tried to bring in what Wave Rave Marketing Manager Ed Russell says is “a breath of fresh air” by bringing in designers from fashion colleges to help design its new lines.

“It’s not just cheap labor for us,” he adds. “It’s a chance to bring in some vision from some people who have different experiences and influences than we get sitting in the office all day.”

The results, clearly visible in the way Wave Rave is using zips to hide pockets and to incorporate zip-out bags, and in their radically changed color range for next season, has brought about an unusual distribution situation.

“Usually we restrict our distribution of Wave Rave only to ‘core stores while our Magnus line is open distribution, so we sell a lot to the urban market,” says Russell. “But the urban market wants the classic boxy snowboard look. However, due to the influences of our design students, that’s a decreasing feature of the Wave Rave line.”

¿Matthew Kreitman