Wave Rave Adds Reps

In a market of constant change, Wave Rave outerwear has made some new additions in the sales department and team to meet the challenges.

For shops in the Northwest, Heelside snowboard rep Ted Lohr will be showing off the new line of Wave Rave on his non-stop sales charge.

New for Southern California is Ron Camero, who reps for Vision Street Wear and Heelside snowboards as well.

In Wave Rave’s backyard is J.J Jorgensen, who will handle the Rockies with his Volkl Snowboard van and strong promotional push.

On the East Coast, Ben Winther services New England from his Boston homebase. While Jack Irvin holds down sales for the Mid-Atlantic along with Rad-Air snowboards.

Latest additions to the Wave Rave team include Salt Lake City transplant Eric Lodwick, who also works at Milosport Boardshop. AOD member Jeff Meyer who resides in Dillon, and Jon Mammele from Boulder, both ride for Unity Snowboards.

Latest female strength from Colorado is Stacy Kunkel, who will be sporting the Wave Rave threads in her Summit County stomping grounds.

All this change and to top it off on February 12th the first night of the Denver Regional show, Wave Rave threw a little party for the shop employees and their skate teams, local reps, and other industry folks. The night consisted of a newly constructed street course in the warehouse that was dominated by shop teamriders from 303 Boards, Emage, and Brothers Boards, as well as some local reps.

Authentic Mexican food and some beers fueled the entertainment for all and set the pace for another party for next years regional show, and you thought Wave Rave wasn’t around anymore!