Warriors Clothing Launches Web Cam

Warriors Clothing. A new street wear brand out of Portland Oregon, launched a live web cam ” The Eye” to keep up with the traffic to the site before the fully functional web site is up and running.

” The Eye ” is located in the Warriors office in Portland, Oregon. It is connected to a laptop with wireless internet so it also goes on the road and through out the city with the riders.

” We get tons of email asking when the web site will be up” says owner Cory Grove. “We just wanted to get some kind of content to tide people over while we are working on the new (and first) web site”

Besides, there is a lot of crazy stuff that goes on around office. It can be super entertaining some times and extremely boring, you just have to get on there at the right times. Fridays are the best. ” Thats when we party and everyone who is everyone has been here on Fridays” Grove says. “From Peter Line, and the Grenade posse, to the Jackass crew. They have partied at the Warriors HQ”

Not only is it the Warriors Office. It also happens to be the house of team riders Scotty Wittlake and Andy Forgash. ” Scotty kind of hates it and Forgash loves it because he is a total entertainer “

You can satisfy your voyeur tendencies at www.warriorsclothing.com

Warriors Clothing is a small street wear brand out of Portland, Oregon, who’s goal is to Wage war on big money logos being shoved down your throat. We suck, but we care!

Team: Scotty Wittlake, Jon Kooley, Hana Beaman, Andy Forgash, Band Vibes, Ehren McGhehe (jackass)