Wallpaper Wednesday : Wildcats

Wallpaper Wednesday : Wildcats

It’s video release season and all the hard work last winter is starting to pay off for our viewing pleasure.  The Wildcats crew have been around for a long, long time pushing the progression and style of snowboarding, and with their new movie coming out, we though it would be rad to release some of these iconic photos along with some fresh new ones from last year’s filming.  Included in this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday are some throwback photos shot by Scott Serfas of JF Pelchat, Devun Walsh, and Rob Dow, along with some new photos from the Wildcats’ Japan trip of DCP and Romain De Marchi.  Enjoy!

DCP doing what he does best with Japan pow! Photo: Chad Chomlack


Devun Walsh 1997 boardslide/noseslide in the middle of the night back when it was common to see snow in Squamish, BC. Photo: Scott Serfas

Jf Pelchat shredding the public pipe around 96 or 97 up on Camp Of Champions. Photo: Scott Serfas

Romain De Marchi pillow popping in Japan. Photo: Chad Chomlack

Rob Dow hitting the Mcquire hit which got its name because of the Snowboarder cover Serfas shot in 1997. Photo: Scott Serfas


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