Wallpaper Wednesday: Weightlessness

As a snowboarder there are a lot of different feelings that we love, from digging our edge into the snow and ripping a nice carve across a hill, to sliding your board down a metal tube, to spinning through the air like a top. But there is one feeling that is pure, simple and and hooks us early on. This feeling is weightlessness—that moment when you and your board become suspended in mid air and everything stops of a second. You can feel your style. The primal urge to bone or tweak over takes you. You wish that moment could last forever but your old ugly friend, gravity, raises its head and pulls you back down to the earth, leaving you with a somewhat satisfied feeling but deep down your craving was only intensified. In this week’s Wednesday Wallpaper we bring you perfectly captured images of the feeling of weightlessness courtesy of Nicolas Müller, Gjermund Braten, and Chris Grenier.


Nicolas Müller


Nicolas Muller PHOTO: Nick Hamilton



Gjermund Braten PHOTO: Andy Wright

Chris Grenier


Chris Grenier PHOTO: Andy Wright

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