Snowboarding Wallpaper : Urban Living

This year has been a killer year for hitting urban features. There has been snow everywhere! Check out these photos of Kalle Ohlson, Toni Kerkela, and Will Bateman and get stoked!

Toni_Kerkela_Teemu_Heljo Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Toni Kerkela. PHOTO: Teemu Heljo

Kalle_Ohlson_MattGeorges Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Kalle Ohlson. PHOTO: Matt Georges

Will_Bateman_Ben_Birk Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Will Bateman. PHOTO: Ben Birk

Just click on your favorite photo to view it full size. Then download that image to your desktop and save it for your computer's wallpaper. For previous collections of Wallpaper Wednesday click the link.