Wallpaper Wednesday: Stomp City

Wallpaper Wednesday: Stomp City 

One of the best feelings in the world is laying down a trick and stomping it clean and proper. Whether it's out the streets, at the resort, or way off in the backcountry, a solid stomp feels damn good. For this week's Wallpaper Wednesday we curated a collection of riders putting it down to their bolts. Sure these moves aren't the most insane, but once you have these tricks dialed, you've earned yourself a ticket to stomp city, a place we all want to go. -HH

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Eiki Helgason


Eiki Helgason with a proper switch 270 to front board. Photo: Pasi Salminen

Austin Sweetin


Frontside 360 to a steep pow landing is what Austin Sweetin likes.  Photo: Vernon Deck

Alex Andrews

Alex Andrews sends a picnic pavilion boardslide to a flat lander. Photo: Andy Wright

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