Wallpaper Wednesday : Spring Break Snowboards

Grassroots board shaping is a lost art in snowboarding. There are a handful of people around the world who shape snowboards. Most of them go unknown and receive very little public attention. And this is in stark contrast to the surfing world where board shapers are a key part of the lifestyle, culture, and community. But bright skies are on the horizon for us snowboarders as board shapers and shapes are beginning to receive some attention once again. One of the more unique board shapers out there is Corey Smith and the snowboards he shapes out of his home under the name of Spring Break Snowboards. Corey’s approach to shapes is one part functional, one part experimental, and one part artistic. Making for a deck that is probably going to look unlike anything you have ever ridden, feel unlike anything you have ever ridden, and give you an experience on a board unlike anything you have ever ridden. So this winter when you’re heading to the mountains to enjoy a day riding with your friends maybe grab a deck that has a longer nose, or a shorter tail, possibly a wider side cut, or set back stance and begin to explore all the shapes that are available to you. Remember snowboards are like ice cream. There is a whole world of flavors to try and experiment with and what you find you like might surprise you. -B.B.

Spring Break Snowboards, Eric Messier, Ben Rice, Corey Smith,

Corey Smith, Ben Rice, and Eric Messier paddle out. PHOTO: Kealan Shilling

Spring Break Snowboards, Eric Messier,

Deep in a carve is Eric Messier. PHOTO: Kealan Shilling

Spring Break Snowboards, Eric Messier

Eric Messier is the rider in the storm. PHOTO: Kealan Shilling