Snowboarding Wallpaper : Sequence This!

Back in the day you would see sequences all over the place in the pages of our magazine. But then they kind of died out. Sequence’s rule though. Sure they might be a little harder to see then one big portrait, but in a sequence you can see it all. You can see the ride up, the trick, and the ride away. You can really get a good feel for the way a rider rides. Check out these sequences of Zak Hale, Alex Andrews, and Pat Moore. And pay attention to the style.

Zak_Hale_Blotto Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Zak Hale. PHOTO: Blotto.

Alex_Andrews_Andy_Wright Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Alex Andrews. PHOTO: Andy Wright.

Pat_Moore_Tim_Peare Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Pat Moore. PHOTO: Tim Peare.

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