Wallpaper Wednesday: Powder Rules Everything Around Us

Snowboarding Wallpaper: Powder Rules Everything Around Us

Riding powder is the coolest part about snowboarding. That’s right, we said it. There’s no other feeling that compares to how awesome floating in waist deep pow feels. If you don’t agree with us, that’s fine. That’s the best part of snowboarding, there’s no rules, and no guidelines. Do whatever you want, but if you want to find us, we will be looking for pow. Check out these photos of Eric Jackson, Deniz Cinek, and Jussi Oksanen. They’re down for powder too.

Eric_Jackson_Andy_Wright Snowboarding Wallpaper Photos

Eric Jackson. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Deniz_Cinek_Dominic_Zimmerman Snowboarding Wallpaper Photos

Deniz Cinek. PHOTO: Dominic Zimmerman

Jussi_Oksanen_Adam_Moran Snowboarding Wallpaper Photos

Jussi Oksanen. PHOTO: Adam Moran


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