Wallpaper Wednesday: Pow for days!

Snowboarding Wallpapers : Pow for days!

How much do you wish you were riding pow right now? Sure you could go skateboarding, swimming, surfing, or something that’s not riding pow, but do you really want to be? All we here at TransWorld SNOWboarding think about is riding pow, so we bet it’s on your mind too. Well take a look at these pictures of Matt Belzile, Eero Neimela, and Blair Habenicht.

Wallpaper Snowboarding Pictures

Matt Belzile. PHOTO: Ashley Barker

Wallpaper Snowboarding Pictures

Eero Neimela. PHOTO: Scott Serfas

Wallpaper Snowboarding Pictures

Blair Habenicht. PHOTO: Andy Wright / Resonance

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