Wallpaper Wednesday : Nothing To Prove : Minnesota

Filming in the streets of Minnesota has been an important part of many snowboarders careers. The cold temps allow the small amount of snow fall the state receives to not melt for weeks or months. For this reason snowboarders flock to the land of 10,000 lakes where they can stack up a full parts worth of shots in a very short time. Celtek knew this statement to be true so they spent two months in Minneapolis/St. Paul filming their team for the Nothing To Prove movie. In this weeks Wallpaper Wednesday we bring you images of Johnny Lazz, Austin Young, and Lucas Magoon jibbing away in the twin cities.

Watch the Minnesota street footage HERE!

Johnny Lazz


Johnny Lazz/Nothing To Prove. Backside nosepress. PHOTO: Ben Birk

Austin Young


Austin Young/Nothing To Prove. Frontside grab to backside 50-50. PHOTO: Ben Birk

Lucas Magoon


Lucas Magoon/Nothing To Prove. Boardslide tail tap. PHOTO: Ben Birk