Snowboarding Wallpaper : No One Way To Ride

There’s no one way to ride a snowboard. This is especially true in the backcountry: no trails, no park jumps, no ski patrol clipping your pass for jumping a rope. This week’s Wednesday Wallpaper is a testament to that. You can build a kicker, maybe pat down a drop, or just point it down some face or chute. It’s all good. Mario Kapelli, Iikka Backstrom, and Xavier De Le Rue know this, and now you do too.
Iikka_Backstrom_Colin_Adair Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Iikka Backstrom. PHOTO: Colin Adair

Xavier_De_le_Rue_Tero_Repo Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Xavier De Le Rue. PHOTO: Tero Repo

Mario_Kappeli_Ian_Ruht Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Mario Kappeli. PHOTO: Ian Ruhter

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