Wallpaper Wednesday : Night Shift

Wallpaper Wednesday : Night Shift

While most of us are sleeping, many pro snowboarders are out working hard stacking clips and getting the shot.  There are a lot of reasons that crews get after it at night, such as less security guards to worry about, less traffic, schools are closed, and the added fact that lighting up a spot just looks really sick. This means that a large portion of being a pro snowboarder means putting on an extra layer and turning on the generator lights.  This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday features night time professionals, Ethan Deiss, Joel Wealton and Roger Schuler putting in work after hours. Enjoy!  -Jeff Brockmeyer



Roger Schüler. Switzerland. Photo: Claudio Casanova

Joel Weaton. Brighton, UT. Photo: Ryan Bregante

Ethan Deiss. Baldface Lodge, BC. Photo: Darcy Bacha

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