Building a backcountry jump is no easy task. It involves knowing how to pick a landing, how to build blocks, and where to place the jump. Then you need your crew to come out and spend two to eight hours putting the thing together and dial the run in. After all this hard work you’re excited to hit the jump. But maybe you slip out on the bumpy run in and tweak your ankle, or the jump gives out and have you have to start the build all over again, and god forbid the worst happens which is your landing slides and the fun in all over before it ever began. Building these things are not for the weak or faint of heart. For this weeks Wallpaper Wednesday we bring you Stephan Maurer, Jake Blauvelt, and Fredi Kalbermatten who know a thing or two about what it takes to build and hit a backcounty booter successfully.


Stephan Maurer


Stephan Maurer. PHOTO: Dominic Zimmerman

Jake Blauvelt


Jake-Blauvelt. PHOTO: Scott Serfas

Fredi Kalbermatten


Fredi Kalbermatten. PHOTO: Silvano Zeiter