Snowboarding Wallpaper : Alaska Bound

Nine times out of ten when you ask someone where there dream snowboard location is, they say Alaska. There’s a good reason for this. There’s towering peaks, endless snow, and you get to ride in a helicopter. How is that not a dream location? Well for some people it’s not a dream. Just look at these photos of Travis Rice, Bryan Fox, and Lucas Debari.

Lucas_Debari_Andy_Wright Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Lucas Debari. PHOTO: Andy Wright.

Dreamland_Alaska_Scott_Serfas Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Dreamland, Alaska. PHOTO: Scott Serfas.

Travis_Rice_Scott_Serfas Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Travis Rice. PHOTO: Scott Serfas.

Bryan_Fox_Travis_Rice_Scott_Serfas Snowboarding Wallpaper Pictures

Bryan Fox and Travis Rice. PHOTO: Scott Serfas.

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