Wallpaper Wednesday: Absinthe Heavy Mental in Revelstoke

Wallpaper Wednesday: Absinthe Heavy Mental in Revelstoke

Justin Hostynek has been making snowboard movies since most of you where in diapers.  His last project from Absinthe titled Heavy Mental had some pretty insane moments including some pow missions in Revelstoke, BC.  Eagle Pass Heli opp runs a rad tour that flies almost everyday of the winter regardless of weather.  Justin and the crew spent some time GTSing (getting the shot) and Andrew Miller was there to document via the megapixel camera for our viewing pleasure.  This weeks Wallpaper Wednesday features Justin Hotynek, Wolle Nyvelt, and Crew flying in the Eagle Pass bird.  Enjoy.   -Jeff Brockmeyer

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Absinthe Crew


Cruising around through the mountains in Revelstoke. Photo: Andrew Miller

Wolle Nyvlet

Wolle Nyvelt popping a lofty one into some deep deep powder. Photo: Andrew Miller

Justin Hostynek

The man behind Absinthe, in his element, Justin Hostynek. Photo: Andrew Miller

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