Some serious business went down at the second stop of the Vans Triple Crown, held Saturday, January 25 at Mammoth, California. Riders punched in their time cards at ten a.m. and went to work on a sprawling course layed out on the back of the mountain. Step downs, mail boxes, c-rails, transfer kickers; it was all in there. And with a perfect blue-sky backdrop, photographers filled the air with the whir of camera motor drives.

Despite being slightly under the weather, Shaun White met no less than the standard he has set for himself: Cab nine, backside seven, backside 540 the hard way over the transfer kicker (making it sort of alley oop), never an arm out of place. Jersey-kid Mark Reilly was in the lead post first run after murdering a frontside nine and a mean backside five rodeo. But it wasn?t until the later moments of the second run that Eddie Wall clinched first place with amazing stompage of a 900, a 720, another 720, and a backside 270 twirly move on the step-down box at the bottom.

As the women?s finals started in the late afternoon, the announcer told everyone to head over to the other base area where a rail jam on an S box was going down. So the women were left to cheer themselves on. Typical. But no big deal. They don?t need no crowd to get nasty. Girls like Hana Beaman and Janna Meyen were switchin? it up form the usual backside 360 routine. Beaman Cab threed her way through the mid section of the course and hopped on the bottom step-down box switch for some fakie 50-50 action. Janna Meyen Cab 360ed a kicker or two, as well, busted a beautiful backside 180, and backside 270ed onto the box at the bottom. It was Brit Jenny Jones, however, who took itóher third major win in two weeks with a backside 360 off the big kicker and solid, stomped riding throughout.

Meanwhile, the ?BFT Rail Jam? on the S box had an audience full of groms and a mean snake session for the drop in. Although I was over on the other side of the mountain watching the women shreds, I heard reports of Colin Langlois dominating with a frontside boardslide, and Joe Eddy, Scotty Arnold and Jason Robinson all gettin sick with some smooth boardsliding maneauvors.


1. Eddie Wall
2. Mark Reilly
3. Nate Sheehan
4. Shaun White
5. Rahm Klampert
6. Myles Hallen
7. Joe Eddy
8. JP Tomich
9. JJ Thomas
10. Jim Langer

1. Jennifer Jones
2. Janna Meyen
3. Hanna Beaman
4. Kim Bohnsack
5. Emily Thomas

BFT Rail Jam
Colin Langlois
Joe Eddy
Scotty Arnold, Jason Robinson