CLEVELAND, Ohio – After racking up 43 first-place finishes in snowboarding events when he was 23 years old, Nate Holland knows what it takes to win – and he knows how to choose the best equipment to help him succeed. W Helmets announced this week that Holland has joined its roster of sponsored athletes.

Now 24, Holland is looking ahead to his number 1 goal: “Being recognized as one of the best all-around riders world-wide.” He’ll take on that goal head-first as a competitor at the Winter Winter X Games VII in Aspen, CO, at the end of the month, where he’ll be wearing a W Helmet.

Holland, who finished first at last year’s Snowbomb Sick and Twisted Big Air competition in Alpine Meadows, CA, says he rides with W Helmets because their ZorbiumT Foam offers significantly more protection for his noggin – which he needs intact in order to continue notching first-place finishes. ZorbiumT Foam is a proprietary material that absorbs twice the twice the impact the EPS and EPP foams used in other helmets.

ZorbiumT Foam works by dissipating energy, unlike other helmets, which work by destruction of their foam. In order to absorb energy, most foam helmets must receive a blow hard enough to crack the foam, which is how they absorb energy. ZorbiumT Foam, on the other hand, compresses varying depths following different amounts of force. This allows the entire thickness of the foam to absorb the energy and return to its original state, making W helmets the only true multiple-impact helmet on the market.

“We’re changing the discussion in the helmet market from what colors are available to how much protection they offer, and it speaks volumes that a professional athlete like Nate who’s in the air every day recognizes that extra margin of protection,” said Tom Schrepferman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for W Helmets.

Along with his top finish at Alpine Meadows last year, Holland also finished first in the 2002 Snowbomb Boarder X at Northstar, CA, seventh in the 2002 X Games Ultra Cross at Aspen, CO, 15th in the 2002 X Games Boarder X at Aspen, CO, second in the 2002 Red Bull Big Air at Northstar, CA, and first in the 2002 Vans Triple Crown Big Air Qualifier at Tahoe, CA.

W HelmetsT and ZorbiumT Foam, produced by Team Wendy, LLC, in Cleveland, Ohio, are designed and engineered to address the need for a multi-sport helmet that offers the highest possible level of protection against head injuries as a result of action-sport accidents. Zorbium FoamT, the most significant technological advancement in helmet safety in over 30 years, is a true multiple-impact foam that absorbs more energy upon impact than EPP, EPS and other foams used in many helmets today. W Helmets were developed as a legacy to Wendy Moore who died as the result of a traumatic brain injury sustained in a skiing accident. For more information or to purchase a W Helmet, go to