VZ Launches EyeshadowOpera, Tara Dakides Onboard

September 9, 2003 — Irvine, CA — VonZipper introduces its new women’s eyewear and accessories collection, EyeshadowOpera by VonZipper, bringing a new personality to the family.

Inspired by the artistic influence of VonZipper’s creative team, EyeshadowOpera was prepared for women who aren’t afraid to break the rules and flaunt their own unique style, while always thinking ahead of the game.

“We felt the time was right to introduce a new collection of eyewear dedicated for the girl who isn’t afraid to try something new, said Greg ‘GT’ Tomlinson Vice President of Sales and Marketing for VonZipper. “EyeshadowOpera follows the passion that ignited VonZipper, but appeals to women with more discriminating taste.

EyeshadowOpera is born from the VonZipper experience and was created for smart, sexy, strong, rebellious, and spiritual women. Believing her eyes, dancing to her thoughts and painting with her makeup, the EyeshadowOpera girl practices her moves in silence. The Operas’ own nonconformist believes in smart travel, books, classical music and small doll friends. By definition the EyeshadowOpera girl politely unnoticed the black sesame seed lodged between your teeth, but strangely enough she will out read, out remember and always out listen anyone in the room. EyeshadowOpera has the answers to those questions you cannot ask.

EyeshadowOpera will offer a complete line of eyewear and accessories featuring six new frames to include: Kubic, Ving, Gramercy, Lita, Tribeca, and Dharma, that will match VonZipper’s established high standards in ensuring the best quality eyewear for everyone who loves to be different.

For a sneak preview, be on the look out for the upcoming ad campaign in select publications throughout the country. The full line of EyeshadowOpera can also be seen at Surf Expo in September, and will be available this Winter 2004 at select retail outlets.

Since its inception in 1999, VonZipper continues to recognize personalities and lifestyles by providing eyewear and accessories to some of the world’s most recognizable athletes. VonZipper talent include: Donavon Frankenreiter, Joel Parkinson, Kevin Jones, Rick Thorne, Bastien Salabanzi, Brian Deegan, Mike Parsons, Jason “Weeman Acuna, Drake McElroy, Steven Duke, Thomas Horrell, Alan Cooke, Paul Rodriguez, Darrell Stanton, Rat Boy and the VonZipper Girls, to name a few.

VonZipper has become the next generation of eyewear and accessories. Check out the latest collection, Snapshots of Reality by visiting www.vonzipper.com .

Tara Dakides is the First face of Eyeshadow Opera

September 9, 2003 — Irvine, CA — VonZipper is proud to announce Tara Dakides as the first face of EyeshadowOpera, a new women’s eyewear and accessories collection that was born from the VonZipper experience.

As one of the world’s most influential snowboarders, Tara Dakides represents the story behind EyeshadowOpera. She is strong, sexy, intelligent, and isn’t afraid to go for it.

“Tara’s mind-blowing talent both on and off the mountain, coupled with her determination, natural charisma and eye for fashion make her a valuable addition to the VonZipper family, as well as the lead spokeswoman for EyeshadowOpera, said Greg ‘GT’ Tomlinson Vice President of Sales and Marketing for VonZipper.

Known as the best female snowboarder in the world, Tara has crossed the gender barrier that the action sports arena holds, to exceed most men in freestyle snowboarding. She can hold her own with any guy on the mountain, and has become a fashion icon on and off the slopes.

Not only has the Southern California native graced the cover of Sports Illustrated for Women, but she has also been featured in Maxim and Rolling Stone and landed a part in Touchstone Picture’s, “Out Cold. She even has her own trading cards and is a snowboard character in video games.

Tara is sponsored by Jeenyus, Billabong, Vans, EyeshadowOpera by VonZipper and Pro-Tec Helmets.. m.