Von Zipper Launches New Sunglasses

The international Renaissance Icon Otto Von Zipper, has returned to California. After circumnavigating the globe on a twenty-year walkabout which included Fiji, Borneo, Istanbul, Tibet and later culminated with a 12-year design layover in Milan. Otto Von Zipper has brought his distinguished collection of fashionable frames back to his home in Southern California.”Boy….. do my feets hurt!” sighs the 77-year-old Otto Von Zipper as he reflects and regains the strength for what may be the largest, and boldest new direction in today’s sunglass market. Accompanied with the wisdom and fortitude that comes from 77 years of “whiskey, women and song.” The Kinfolk of the Von Zipper’ dynasty have begun a global scale operation of filling what may be the largest gap in the sunglass industry.

So what can Rodeo Dr., Madison Ave, and Pacific Coast Highway expect? With designing for the year 2000 in mind, Otto pays special attention to a time honored family tradition of creating frames with perpetual style. One masterpiece design which he fondly calls the Monaco’ has been handed down in its original mold from OttoàÆ',à'¹s grandfather, Horst Von Zipper, recalls the teary-eyed guru. Originally designed in the summer of 1927, the Monaco’ will make its second coming in Spring 2000. And like Frankie, Johhny and Billy, and the rest of OttoàÆ',à'¹s rat pack, each pair of shades will be equipped with the VZ’ mark, a signature which confidently walks the streets of Milan, Tokyo, and Laguna Beach.

And after much family debate, the Von Zipper Foundation’ has agreed also to unveil the Mazzi’, Lovey’, & Papa Giorgio’ from the closely held Heirloom Collection’. Amongst the intelligencia, this collection was perceived as a sunglass designing pinnacle and was cast into exile during the days of HollywoodàÆ',à'¹s Communist scare as too controversial for the then conservative status quo.

Three martini lunches, a date with the kingpins of haute couture, and a late afternoon pedicure, all this and thereàÆ',à'¹s only four days left till the Airstream is due back at the trailer park. Somewhere in there lies the essence of Otto Von Zipper’.

“At times I think IàÆ',à'¹m of Swedish design influence” Otto reflects as he lays poolside. Strategically bronzing his gladiator physique before his big month in Manhattan. “Yes… I do believe it may be Swedish-Americana.”

So slap a hundred-dollar shine on a two-dollar pair of boots because you owe it to yourself, and anywho, Nicholson would have wanted it that way.

Welcome to the Von Zipper Foundation’. Leave your shoes at the door.

Von Zipper Foundation’ inquiries- ottovonzipper.com