Volkl Plans U.S. Team Tour

Volkl Snowboards is planning an eight-week team RV tour across the U.S. late this winter. “We’re in the final stages of putting it together,” says Volkl’s Colin Madden. “We’re partnering with two major European magazines and one major U.S. magazine, plus a regional one, and a Japanese mag. Each one will sponsor like a week of the tour. Our pros and our younger riders, plus related sponsors’ riders will all be on the tour.”

He says the major emphasis is to film and photograph the team along the way. Ricky Bower and Kim Stacey will be the highlights of the U.S. team, and some of the main European riders will hitch along for the ride.

“We’ll have ten people in the RV at all times, and there will be a minimum of one photographer, one filmer, and six riders. We’re going to start on the West Coast, go across the country, then finish back on the West Coast.”

Along the way they are planning on hitting the Vans and World Cup contest, the TransWorld Team Challenge, the SIA show in Las Vegas, the U.S. Open and Quarterpipe Challenge, then head back West.

He also hopes that film crews from such television shows as Eurosport, Fox, or ESPN will also cover the tour.

¿John Stouffer