Volcom’s 2012 Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Tour: Blue Mountain Ontario

First off, Matt Konings and the terrain park staff out did themselves this year. They mentioned they had a surprise in store for the event, but little did we know  they had procured a BOAT from the local junkyard and dropped a rail right down the center of it! Not only that but they also unveiled their new close out feature and for the third zone they had set up a flat lift tower. It was a beast of a set-up!

The destruction of the features commenced with the 15 and Under Division. With no hesitation these young guns were blasting out of the boat, powering through the closeout, and spreading the style all over the lift tower. It was Coulton Conway that was crowned champion with a solid performance and serious hammers. Not far behind were William Izzard and Keenan Williams taking home 2nd and 3rd respectively. Good show boys!

The 15 and Under Division got things started off. Any doubts that these groms could handle the beast of a set-up were quickly dashed away. Even 5-year-old Will Gannon stepped up to the camel back! Will was awarded a Volcom Full Zip Sweatshirt for being one of the most inspiring riders of the day. In the end Jared Elston would claim victory over the 15 and Under Division but Noah Vincent and Brady Coffman were not far behind. We'll look forward to seeing what the future holds for these young bucks.

Next to get things rocking were the 16 and Over Division. 360s out of the boat, cab 270s up and over the close-out, and 180s in and 360s out of the tower were just a few of the maneuvers that were being put on display. Joshua Witt snuck away with the 1st place finish but nipping at his heels were Julian Venditti 2nd and Tim Crighton 3rd. Good skills gents.
The Ladies Open Division was next to battle the beast. Any doubts that these girls could handle the custom PBRJ set-up were quickly dissolved. These ladies not only handled it but the stepped it up. With no fear of the close out Samm Denena through down a front side 180 to switch 5050 to switch Back side 180 out! This impressed the judges so much that she was awarded Electric's Gooeyest Move of the Event. Samm also ended up taking top honors but a close 2nd was awarded to Catrina Boyd and Jess Woosley took 3rd. Thank you ladies for the performance!

Now it was time for the Open Division to get things crackin' and pop pop, it was on! The chaos consisted of every which way spins on and off the rails, gnarly gaps from one zone to the next and of course a heaping pile of style thrown in the mix. You could tell there was a serious hunger for that 1st place title but at the end of the day Jordin Gillies took home the crown. Not far off were Anthony Wolf and Jeffrey Robinson taking home the 2nd and 3rd place spots. Looking forward to see how these guys stack up at the champs in April.

A huge thanks goes out to the good people at Blue Mountain: Erika Langman, Matt Konings, the terrain park staff, Jason, and everyone that helped blow up this year's PBRJ! Thank you for all the extra effort and attention. Special thanks goes out to Dave Wright, Ryan Ceasar, and Eric Gravenish for holding it down on the judging panel.


15 And Under Division:
1st: Coulton Conway
2nd:William Izzard
3rd: Keenan Gibson
4th: Austin Hutchings
5th: David Zaugg

16 And Over Division:
1st: Joshua Witt
2nd: Julian Venditti
3rd: Tim Crighton
4th: Silas Mackinnon
5th: Adam Cameron

Girls Division:
1st: Samm Denena
2nd: Catrina Boyd
3rd: Jess Woosley
4th: Natalie Allport
5th: Genny Ross

Open Division:
1st: Jordin Gillies-$250
2nd: Anthony Wolf-$150
3rd: Jeffrey Robinson-$100
4th: Kody Willians
5th: Michael Rotsaert

Electric's Gooeyest Move Of The Event Award:
Samm Denena!