PHOTOS: Courtesy of Volcom

So much action at the Volcom PBRJ finals at Mammoth Mountain.

Under the warm skies at Mammoth Mountain, CA, Volcom assembled some of the hungriest rail riders on the face of the planet. The top amateur rail dogs came together with an insatiable appetite for Peanut Butter and Rail Jam glory and a piece of the $20,500 pie!

The Mammoth Unbound Crew assembled a beast of a contest site as a worthy opponent to this likely bunch. The features consisted of a massive down-flat-down lift tower tube, a 40- stair feature with a rail on one side and a box ledge on the other, and a burly closeout rail with a donkey dick for good measure. The Electric bonus feature was two quarter-pipe boxes flanking a banked ledge box. The site was a perfect mix of good standards and creativity on a championship scale.

To commence the grand affair, Volcom had the 15 and Under Division storm the site. Here lies the future of rail bashing so keep a keen eye on this bunch. With no hesitation these up and comers were spinning in, and out of the death defying closeout. This grimy group was mopping the down-flat-down and stair set rail/ledge clean.

At the end of the day, it was the East Coast's Jack Herald who claimed the title of Champion and walked away with $1,500 and massive pile of product. Garrett McKenzie snatched second place and $1,250 for his turnout. Minnesota's Benny Milam had a solid performance and was rewarded the third place title.

Jack Herald doesn't mess around. Except when he's messing around. Get it?

The 16 and Over Division was next to drop their lines. The destruction continued as this group meticulously disassembled the Unbound contest site. After merely missing the podium at his home qualifier, Chase Fromm drove down to Keystone and took forth place securing his spot at the championship event. All that work paid off nicely after being awarded first place and $1,500 for his showing. Nipping at his heals was fellow Utah local Jesse Ramirez taking home the second place title. Montana's Cole Schneider put on a serious performance and walked away with $1000 and the bronze title.

Chase Fromm got all Tony Danza on the down-flat-down and showed it who's the boss.

Over 60% of the qualified Ladies Open competitors were in attendance for the Championship event. Not only strong in numbers, this group of gals brought their A game. Frontside boardslides down the down bar, stale-fish lipslides through the donkey dick, and 180 in and out of the down-flat-down tube were just some of the heavy maneuvers these ladies put down. At the end of the day, Emily Blewitt came away with the victory and $1500. Not far behind was Courtney Cox taking home second place and $1250. Swooping up the third place title was Joanna Dzierzawski. The Ladies Division is an inspiration as a whole. The progression these ladies are pushing has to be one of the most exciting aspects of the event.

Nirvana Ortanez keeping it solid down the 40-stair feature.

After missing his home qualifying event due to injury and driving 18 hours to qualify at the last stop on the tour, Minnesota's Shane Ruprecht hooked himself the trophy fish at Champs. A buzzer beating 270 from zone 2 to the down section of the of the lift tower tubes helped lock down the grand champion title. Shane was rewarded with $1750 and boatload of prizing for his achievements. Only a half point behind him was Colin Wilson coming in second and Will Ermish took home bronze.

Brent Mohs' Gap To slider. Look at that board flex...


Volcom provides a free event but by no means is it a small expense or lack of effort to make it happen. Thank you to all the competitors, parents, family, and friends for making the journey out. Mammoth Mountain has always gone above and beyond in their support of the Peanut Butter and Rail Jam. Special thanks to Michael Gregory, Molly Dawoud, Tyson Kaylor, Lauren Burke, and the entire Mammoth Unbound Terrain Park Crew. Honorable mention goes to the judging panel: Mike Pettit, Brendon Drury, and Jared Dawoud- thanks gents! Chris Martinez and Ryley Ellement were a huge support in making this year's event a success, thank you for all the hardwork. Volcom's Pat Barrazas came to help shoot video and document the magic, thanks for the support. Credit also must be given for additional photos provided by Peter Morning and Giorgio Zanardi. Lastly, we'd like to extend our gratitude to all the PBRJ sponsors for kicking in prizing and support throughout the season: