The Goal of the contest is to give something back to the kids, an event that is total free and fun with a ton of prizes. We changed everything. The first thing we came up with was having a rail event and instead of having three rail s in a row we put them side by side to create a zone were everyone is confined to one area. This instantly boosts the energy level because everyone is all together. At a standard snow event everyone is so spread out that you loose a lot of the youthful energy. The judging is also different. The contest is a true jam format. When we say jam we mean a real jam there a re no rules you can hit he rails as many time as you want in any order that you want. It is totally crazy and a ton of fun. At the end of a 30 min heat we add up your best score from each rail to come up with your score. It starts with 30 people in a heat and breaks down form there to a 7 man final. There are two divisions 16 and under and 17 and over. The contest takes up the entire day and everyone that inters the event walks away with a couple of prizes such as T-shirts and videos.

1. Park City February 15, 2003
2. Bear Mountain March 1, 2003
3. Waterville Valley March 29, 2003
4. Mt. Seymour Canada April 13, 2003
5. Mammoth May 10, 2003