Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter & Rail Jam marked the halfway point of the 2011 North American tour in memorable fashion at The Summit at Snoqualmie on Saturday, February, 12th!

Before we delve into how incredible the riding was, allow me to begin by heaping a hearty amount of praise on Krush Kulesza and his terrain park sorcerers! A great setup has come to be expected for our annual PBRJ visits but each year the Summit at Snoqualmie ups the ante a little further and blows everyone away! Friends, needless to say this year was no exception.

We discovered an old blue school bus buried behind the hotel that was just asking for it
A significant amount of wet weather at the hill lately has depleted Summit’s snow at the base so Krush made the call to move the event to the upper terrain park. Here, they had more than enough fodder to get creative and assemble one of the most progressive PBRJ contest setups we’ve seen in quite some time! “Zone 1” was a lengthy down-flat-down box, “Zone 2” was Scott Steven’s signature feature (an up-box to butter pad to down-box) and “Zone 3” consisted of a proper down-rail. The riders were pumped!

The calm before the storm…
For the second year in a row the PBRJ kicked off under cloudy skies spewing rain. Soon enough it turned to sleet, then heavy snow for the remainder of the event. Despite dealing with the worst weather we’ve had at a PBRJ, the riders were ready to shred and rightfully didn’t let a little moisture get in their way!

Frontside boardslide courtesy of Klayton Gardner
The 15 & Under division was tasked with getting the party started and apparently they were more than up for the challenge! Party hats, check! Balloons and streamers, check! Insane tricks on all three PBRJ features, CHECK! The custom PBRJ contest site was thoroughly dismantled in a matter of moments! Some of the tools that helped bring it down were f/s boardslides, b/s lipslides and switch 50-50s! Only after time had expired did the groms take a second to catch their breath. Brendan Good claimed first, Nick Sommer 2nd and Justus Hines 3rd!

The 16 & Over division was up next and opted to dispense with any pleasantries and get down to business! The Summit at Snoqualmie’s PBRJ custom setup was really put to the test as these guys rode hard and threw down some seriously impressive tricks! Nollie b/s lipslides, cab 270 f/s board 270 out and a baker’s dozen switch f/s boardslides were heaped onto the judge’s already full plates! As the snow continued to fall, Dillon Boeshans stepped to the top of the podium whilst Nick Kolkman and Jaeger Bailey were 2nd and 3rd respectively. Heckuva show gents!

Tailpress on the latter portion of Scott Stevens’ custom feature
Around this time the wind picked up and really provided an added challenge to riders plotting their assault. The first group to charge the three immaculate PBRJ features was the Girl’s Open division. Despite the adverse conditions, the lades stood tall and destroyed the entire area! From a half-cab tail-press on the down-rail and to a f/s bluntslide to fakie on the down-flat-down box, we saw some heavy tricks! Shortly afterwards at awards it was Erin Sweeney locking down first, Brook Hennefer 2nd and Megan Middleton was a very close 3rd!

The Men’s Open division has the distinct honor of rounding out the day’s competition and appropriately placing an exclamation mark on all that had been thrown down before them. With the talent we had in attendance, the question stumping everyone was; who would rise above the rest? As it turned out, that was a question that wouldn’t be easily answered! In addition to many others, Jacob Nelson, Max Dre and Jesse Gouveia were in the hunt and stalking their prey in the sideways-blowing snow! The tricks came fast and furious and had the judges frantically trying to keep up! After the final scores were tallied, Jesse Gouveia landed on top of the heap with Lou Macias and Jacob Nelson hot on his heels in 2nd and 3rd!

The riders weren’t deterred by the challenging weather Mother Nature threw at them.
Thanks to Krush Kulesza, Dewitt, The Rod, Baker, Travel, Neil, Andy and the rest of the Summit as Snoqualmie crew for once again going above and beyond to create an A+, first-rate PBRJ contest site! We can’t say it enough, but those guys are some of the best at what they do! Thanks also to Val Owens, Holly Lippert and Abby Dunham for helping with registration as well as Krush Kulesza, Nick Haisch and Ryley Ellement for judging. A big thank you also goes out to all of our PBRJ tour sponsors below for backing the scene and stoking the winners with prizes!


Results: 15 & Under:
1st: Brendan Good
2nd: Nick Sommer
3rd: Justus Hines
4th: Kainoa McClary
5th: Sean Owens

16 & Over:
1st: Dillon Boeshans
2nd: Nick Kolkman
3rd: Jaeger Bailey
4th: Eythan Frost
5th: Matt Robinson

Girl’s Open:
1st: Erin Sweeney
2nd: Brook Hennefer
3rd: Megan Middleton
4th: Randa Shahin
5th: Kayla Kobelin

Men’s Open:
1st: Jesse Gouveia
2nd: Lou Macias
3rd: Jacob Nelson
4th: Max Dre
5th: Josh Johnson

Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Day”: Dillon Boeshans