Volcom PBRJ Stop #7 At Collingwood, Ontario

Volcom Stone’s 2011 North American Peanut Butter & Rail Jam tour blew into Collingwood, Ontario for its 8th annual event on Saturday, January 29th. Let it storm!

Our traveling band o’ jibbers were greeted with open arms by Erika Langman and the rest of the Blue Mountain staff. The terrain park crew really went all-out on this year’s custom PBRJ setup! The site was moved closer to the base and consisted of three top-notch features for the weekend’s masses to all enjoy. The three PBRJ contest zones were a steep 40′ down lift tower, an up rail to deck to barrel jib and a 30′ down-flat-down rail. A big effort was put into making this happen, thank you to Blue Mountain!

Pat Hrivnak, fakie nosepress in zone 1
The snow was falling hard the morning of the event but by the time we were done practice and wrapped up the riders meeting the sun came out and made for an incandescent lambency of a day (pretty sure that makes sense)!

Here’s a frontside boardslide in zone 3 courtesy of Ian MacGregor
Let the anarchy begin! The 15 & Under division busted out of the gates at an expeditious pace! The mini-rippers were throwing down man-sized tricks that kept our judges and cameras at the ready! With the dust settled and battle over, 1st place went to Taylor Watling, Michael Ciccareli was breathing down his neck in 2nd and Michael Izzard placed a close 3rd!

A few bold shreds attacked the barrel-jib head-on
The 16 & Over division was next to bat and they didn’t hesitate to let loose a fury of bangers. From 270’s on 270’s off to fakie tail press to gapping nose blunt, a wide slathering of smoothly executed tricks had the vocal instrumentation of all those watching maxing out at volume 11! Somehow the judges kept up and in the end, 1st place went to Daniel Glibota, 2nd place to Ian MacGregor and 3rd place went to Malcolm Eppinger!

Another sunny blue day at Blue Mountain
The girls at Blue Mountain have got their games together weren’t hesitant to put some serious skills on display! I’m pretty sure the first person overall to successfully nail the shifty tap backside 3 off the barrel in zone #2 was Leanna King. Not to mention Jen Cusick’s warp speed attempts at switching the PBRJ format from rail jam to big air. The top three girls to take the podium went to Leanna King in 1st, Samm Denena 2nd and a very respectable 3rd to Catriona Boyd.

Pat Hrivnak making use of a GoPro HD Hero camera
Open category + Blue Mtn = Ridiculous Rail Rampage. The boys that showed up this day came with big sleeves full of the serious face melting trickery. Big thanks to Pat Hrivnak for rocking the GoPro’s HD Hero Cam during his heats! Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Day” was taken home by Mason Hambly’s astronomical high speed B/S 360 to 50/50 on the 30 foot down-flat-down rail. This division put on a show to polish off a top shelf day at the hill! Top honours went to Pat Hrivnak with 2nd place going to Joel Dalacker and Mason Hambly holding down 3rd with smiles for miles! May the Stone be with you all.

Spenny Butts high-fiving the barrel jib in zone 2 (Photo: Davey Wright)
Again, a bear hug mauling of appreciation to Erika Langman and the rest of the Blue Mountain staff for making this event such a success. Our esteemed judge’s panel killing it for us as always: Eric Gravenish, Jay Beech and Ryan Caesar. High fives to the Sirius crew (Natasha Lucky & Matt Ross) for all their efforts towards making this year’s Blue PBRJ a memorable one. Thanks also to Sam Greco for helping hold this down as well as Davey Wright for letting us use a few of his fine photos. As always, thanks to the PBRJ tour sponsors for helping stoke the competitors with extra prizing!

Samm Denena, tailpress in zone 1


15 & Under:
1st: Taylor Watling
2nd: Mikey Ciccarelli
3rd: Michael Izzard
4th: Tomi Maletic
5th: Julian Venditti

16 & Over:
1st: Daniel Glibota
2nd: Ian MacGregor
3rd: Malcolm Eppinger
4th: Silas Mackinnon
5th: Adaine McLean

Girls Open:
1st: Leanna King
2nd: Samm Denena
3rd: Catriona Boyd
4th: Emily Hughes
5th: Jen Cusick

Men’s Open:
1st: Pat Hrivnak –> $200
2nd: Joel Dalacker –> $150
3rd: Mason Hambly –> $100
4th: Anthony Wolf
5th: Michael Rotsaert

Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Day”: Mason Hambly –> $50

– Jake Gelowitz