Volcom PBRJ: Mount Seymour

Another incredible stop for Volcom Stone’s 2011 North American Peanut Butter & Rail Jam tour went down at Mount Seymour, BC Saturday April 2!

As the sun valiantly fought through the clouds and a view of the city through the background fog, an anxious collection of riders grew restless as they waited to drop in and get down to PBRJ business.

A thick fog enveloped Mount Seymour’s PBRJ contest site during practice
Music pumped as the eerie mist crept through trees and set the scene as the contest began with the 15 and under category. The groms got right to it, attacking the features with a zest and vigor typically reserved for the Men’s Open division! It was a tactical jib seesaw and calling winners prematurely would only be possible for the foolhardy. After scrutinizing the scores, a well-deserved 1st place went to Zach Dolesky, 2nd went to Kevin Dzah and Luciano Babaie took 3rd!

Here’s a proper method off the Corey-P in zone 2
The 16 & Over division was up next and left smoldering wreckage in their wake! The always-classic hubba with an optional picnic table to down-rail gave the riders all the tools necessary for tom trickery; from fs 360 50-50s to back tail change-up nose press reverts! Despite some less-than-ideal weather, riders were focused and rode with aggression! At the end of the day, Ryoki Ogawa claimed 1st, Ryan Paterson, 2nd and Mickey Henry 3rd!

Boardlide on the hubba in zone 1
The girls stepped up and brought heavy game when it came to attacking Seymour’r three immaculate features. Only at certain resorts are we able to so evenly compare the men and women’s riding. Thankfully, Mount Seymour is one of these spots and the girls had no trouble maintaining, and in some aspects upping the ante! Landing on top of the podium, Alice Gorton impressed the judges with her consistent execution! Megan Middleton’s bold style and technique earned her 2nd whilst Olivia Kesterson jibbed into 3rd with some powerful riding of her own!

Washington’s Jordan Blain getting down on a PB&J sandwich
Zone 2, consisting of a life-snatching bomb-drop feature, was not to be taken lightly as shown by several close calls! In true Seymour fashion, the persistent triumphed and the tricks rained down like sweet mountain runoff. 1st place went to Ryoki Ogawa, 2nd was picked up by Ryan Paterson, 3rd Place went to Mickey Henry!

The girls were charging! Here’s Ruby Woodruff at work in zone 2
After a serving of free pb&j, cookies and chips to fuel the boiler and Gatorade to replenish electrolytes, the horn sounded and the Men’s Open division got underway in earnest!

Fakie nosepress across the wall in zone 3
Zone 3 housed a Corey-P to the cosmos that required an “all in” approach. Stefan Krumm had no trouble laying down his cards as he pieced together a 50-50 to back flip over the gap! While impressing the judges and spectators on one hand, this also ensured him Electric’s ‘Gooeyest Move’ and first place for Men’s Open division! Close behind was Jeff Muirhead in 2nd and the technical technician Baylan McGraw in 3rd!

No shortage of creative tricks went down on the Corey-P-filled zone 2
A massive thanks to Anna Rowinska, Mark Bernardo and everyone else at Mount Seymour for stepping-up and knocking another one out of the park! Seymour’s terrain park followed suite by assembling in incredibly challenging contest site while still keeping the fun-factor of the PBRJ first and foremost. Thank also to Tyler Ellement, Ryley Ellement and Tyler Abrahamson for judging and for all the other helpers that made the day a great one! Thanks of course to our PBRJ tour sponsors below for supporting the events!



15 & Under:
1st: Zac Dolesky – GoPro HD Hero Camera
2nd: Kevin Dzah
3rd: Luciano Babaie
4th: Adam Gibson
5th: Daniel Gardiner

16 & Over:
1st: Ryoki Ogawa
2nd: Ryan Paterson
3rd: Mickey Henry
4th: Clinton Cameron
5th: Anthony Cervantes

Girls Open:
1st: Alice Gorton
2nd: Megan Middleton
3rd: Olivia Kesterson
4th: Ruby Woodruff
5th: Marlee Eheler

Men’s Open:
1st: Stefan Krumm
2nd: Jeff Muirhead
3rd: Baylan McGraw
4th: Connor Brown
5ht: Colin O’Driscoll

Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Event”: Stefan Krumm – $50

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