Volcom Stone’s 2011 North American Peanut Butter & Rail Jam tour continued down the home stretch with a stop at Utah’s Brighton Resort on Saturday March 26th!

What can be said about Brighton that hasn’t already been covered? Incredible terrain, amazing snow, great people and a dense population of dedicated rippers always adds up to time well spent whilst in the area! Jared Winkler has been our man at the resort for the last number of years and is on top of things like few others we have the benefit of running into on the PBRJ tour. Organization and a rich event history means working with him is a sheer delight.

Landon Ashton nosepressing through Brighton’s custom PBRJ knife feature!
The man behind the terrain park is nicknamed “Mouse” and we’ve got nothing but good things to say about that chap as well. We’re not sure about the origins of his call sign but given the quality of job he does, we’re not overly concerned about it. He’s been on the Brighton scene for a few years now and is determined to make every PBRJ contest site more memorable than the last!

Frontside boardslide in zone 3 courtesy of Caleb Horne
For the 2011 custom PBRJ event site, Mouse, Trent and the Brighton terrain park gents installed one for the ages. Zone 1 consisted of a hand-made “peanut butter knife”. As far as we know it’s the first of its kind and quite possibly the most heartwarming thing a terrain park has ever assembled for a PBRJ! Going further, zone 2 was a kicker to “peanut butter pad” to down rail. The extraordinary thing about this one was that the butter pad was actually shaped like a huge big peanut butter sandwich! Zone 3 was a separated double-barreled box followed by a down-box. Ain’t that something? Yes indeed.

Really leaning into this nosepress in zone 2
The sun was shining when the 15 & Under division got the PBRJ rolling with two solid heats. It wasn’t long before the intricacies of Brighton’s contest site were revealed and the session really got underway! Logan Moyer and Gabe McGovern were in the 1st heat and quickly set an up-tempo tone for the rest of the field. Nearly all the riders kindly obliged and our ocular cavities were privy to some serious riding! Boardslide to front board combos, b/s tailslides and some buttery smooth back lips were buttoned up in no time! After scores were entered into our tabulating supercomputer, it was Gabe McGovern in 1st, Noah Sutton in 2nd and Chandler Hunt a very close 3rd!

Lipslide, zone 1
The 16 & Over rippers were up next and got down to business in a hurry! It was obvious many of these riders were tight comrades and I think this worked to their advantage. The big tricks that followed were quickly nullified by bigger ones, which left spectators shaking their heads in disbelief! Impeccably solid riding from the entire field made it difficult for the judges to decide on one clear winner. When the time came to crunch numbers, Cameron Gorby snagged 1st, Ryan Moyer rode away with 2nd and Stefan Salisberry was a very close 3rd!

Backside lipslide, zone 3
The Girl’s Open division got going just as the wind picked up and snow started to gently fall from the orographically motivated cloud cover. Although the conditions were becoming more challenging by the minute, the girl’s rode on undeterred. Rider for rider, Utah’s female PBRJ offering were some of the most skilled we’ve had the pleasure of watching! We saw switch front boards, lipslides and more than a few stylish f/s boardslides! Shortly after the final buzzer PBRJ veteran Laura Rogoski locked in 1st, Kendal Elliot 2nd and Megan Middleton, 3rd. Congrats to all the girls!

The Open Division was up next and this signaled showtime! Brandon Hobush and a supporting cast consisting of his brother Christian, Jordan Morse, Will Ermish, Sam Taxwood had everyone’s eyes glued to the PBRJ contest site! Last season’s overall 16+ Champion, Parker Worthen, was also on patrol and looking to earn another ticket to the $25,000 PBRJ Championships (Mammoth Mtn, Sat April 16)! Despite gusty winds and heavy snow, the quality of trickery was next level and the positive vibes as thick as peanut butter! Shortly therafter, Brandon Hobush stood tall in 1st, Jordan Morse was stoically heroic in 2nd and Sam Taxwood rounded out the top 3!

A huge thanks to Jared Winkler, Mouse, Trent, Ben, Tim and the rest of the terrain park crew for all the long hours of hard work in the name of PBRJ love! We can’t say enough good things about the job those guys do. Thanks also to Jon Spiris, Marty Siller and Lars Reber for judging and our PBRJ sponsors below for helping us hook the winners up with prizes!



15 & Under:
1st: Gabe McGovern – GoPro HD Hero camera
2nd: Noah Sutton
3rd: Chandler Hunt
4th: Austin Breen
5th: Logan Moyer

16 & Over:
1st: Cameron Gorby
2nd: Ryan Moyer
3rd: Stefan Salisberry
4th: Andrew Riddle
5th: Sammy Elam

Girls’s Open:
1st: Madison Blackley
2nd: Kendel Elliott
3rd: Megan Middleton
4th: Marley Colt
5th: Alexa McCarty

Men’s Open:
1st: Brandon Hobush – $200
2nd: Jordan Morse – $150
3rd: Sam Taxwood – $100
4th: Will Ermish
5th: Parker Worthen
Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Event”: Everest Arnold — $50

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