Volcom PBRJ At Mount Avila, Quebec

Volcom’s 2011 North American Peanut Butter & Rail Jam tour touched down on Canadian soil Saturday January 15 for an event at Mount Avila, Quebec!

With the extra effort put in by the Mount Avila park staff, the event site was one of the best we’ve had at Avila since we began our annual PBRJ visits there 7 seasons ago! The three zones consisted of a 30-foot up down rail, a fat 40-foot lift tower and a 25-foot down beam. The field of competitors was chalked full of rippers, many of whom have been attending this event for years. Young or old, everyone was chomping at the bit to let loose on the custom PBRJ setup!

The first daytime event in Quebec in years brought out the rippers en masse!
The 15 & under division initiated the first attack of the day. These skilled snipers took on each feature with thoughts of victory glistening in their eyes! B/s noseslides to f/s 270 out, 50-50 to frontside board and a smooooth tail press along the lift tower is just scratching the surface of what was seen. At the end of the day, 1st place went to Nicolas Leduc with Justin De Castris hot on his heel edge in 2nd and Raphael Vezina 3rd!

Nosepressing, zone 2
Next group on the flight deck was the 16+ boys. They proceeded to blast off nollie nose presses, switch front boards and front blunt b/s 270 out. The synchronized onslaught of destroyers in all three zones had our judges working at warp speed to ensure all the madness was being evaluated with precision! Zenon Krupa was getting radical enough in the qualifiers he snapped the nose of his deck. We lent him a Volcom board and he, well here’s where how the dice rolled out… 1st place went to Zenon Krupa, 2nd place to Francis Dube and 3rd place went to Jacques-Olivier Emond! Good job boys!

Lunch of champions..
This year marked the biggest turnout of femme shreds we’ve seen yet! Not only that, but the roster contained some of the finest female amateurs in Quebec! The girls laid a beating to each of the features with confidence and grace. At awards, it was Claudia Biron taking 1st, in 2nd Tamara Truchon and Anne-Fred Grenier claiming 3rd place!

The down-beam in zone 3 called the “wow” factor home for the 2011 Avila PBRJ
Hot on the ladies heels was the men’s Open category. As expected it was explosive and didn’t let up until time had expired! The crew was packed full of familiar names and this band of brother collectively dominated scene! The quantity of quality tricks thrown down was mind-bending! The captain of the ship and winner of the Open category was L.P. Dorval, closely followed by Didier Godbout in 2nd and last year’s winner Alex Sarrazin in 3rd.

Some serious sandwich creativity was on display

Frontside boardslide, zone 2
Another huge thanks to Sara Girard, JB Collette and of course, Sebastien and his terrain park crew. Thanks also to our three fearless judges; PL Hamel, Charlos Beauregard and Phil Pariseau! as well as Andre Dallaire and his impeccable crew of masterminds who came in hot and held things down! Thanks to Julien Mallet for shooting and editing the video for us. As always, thanks to the PBRJ tour sponsors for helping stoke the competitors with extra prizing! Till next time; vive le Quebec!



15 & Under:

1st: Nicolas Leduc
2nd: Justin De Castris
3rd: Raphael Vezina
4th: Olivier Boisvert
5th: Jeremy Cool

16 & Over:

1st: Zenon Krupa
2nd: Francis Dube
3rd: Jacques-Olivier Emond
4th: Alastair Spriggs
5th: Scott Rust

Girls Open:

1st: Claudia Biron
2nd: Tamara Truchon
3rd: Anne-Fred Grenier
4th: Marlilou Asselin
5th: Ariane Lewis

Men’s Open:
1st: L.P. Dorval -$200
2nd: Didier Godbout -$150
3rd: Alex Sarrazin -$100
4th: Max Verille
5th: Sean Thomson

Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Day”: Max Verville –> $50

– Jake Gelowitz