Volcom PBRJ #12: Stratton, VT

The 12th stop of Volcom Stone's 2011 North American Peanut Butter & Rail Jam tour shredded through Stratton, VT on Saturday, March 5th!

Stratton Mountain has a rich history punctuated with classic events and incredible talent. Vermont's snowboard roots run right back to the beginning of it all so it's no coincidence that the area lays claim to some of the best riding talent we run into over the course of the PBRJ tour! Headed up by Eric Langman, Stratton's terrain park crew devised a diabolical custom contest site for this season's event! Zone 1 consisted of a classic down-rail, zone 2 was an up-rail gap up-box and zone three was an up-down box. Nice work guys!

We flew into Hartford and partook in the glory of Connecticut’s capital.
For one reason or another, it seems the weather can go one of two ways while we're in the area; bluebird and spring-like or a barrage of wind and rain. After a few consecutive years of good weather, we had a feeling our luck was due to change. A wall of wet weather moved in a few days early and was relentless. Thankfully, the area's snowboarders inherently possess an ability to disregard the weather and ride regardless of Mom Nature. Everyone's morale and jibbing prowess weren't affected and the PBRJ party got underway!

Frontside boardslide, zone 3
First up to throw down, the 15 & Under division made their winning intentions clear in short order! Among others, JT Nolan, Tyler Benton and Nic Hudson were out of the gates and onto the features like greased lightning! The three PBRJ features were enveloped in a flurry of frantic action as kids threw down a healthy portion of both tech and stylish tricks! When all the scores were computed, J.T. Nolan prevailed in 1st, Jesse Delvescovo landed in 2nd and Tyler Benton rounded out the top three!

When Shaun Murphy wasn't busy winning the PBRJ, he was doing some work with our GoPro cameras
The 16 & Over division riders got next crack at the contest site. Last season's overall 15- PBRJ tour champion, Kai Wiggins, was on the scene and leading the charge. Apparently, lack of motivation wasn't a problem for these guys! Heavy trick after heavy trick was thrown down in rapid-fire succession as the riders were constantly looking to one-up each other. Fakie lipslides, nollie b/s 180 swtich 50-50 to switch f/s 360 out plus a tailpress to nollie-frontflip off the up-box in zone two got things off on the right foot! After the scores were tabulated, Kai Wiggin's successfully made the transition to 16 & Over by placing 1st, Levi Gunzburg ended up in 2nd and Johnny Saling was a close 3rd!

Switch 50-50, zone 3
Soon enough, it was time for the Girl's Open division to take the spotlight and after just a few minutes it was clear they wouldn't be giving it back. What the Girl's division lacked in numbers it certainly made up for with skills! I can honestly say I don't recall seeing a finer conglomerate of estro-jibbers at a PBRJ this season! We saw nollie lipslides, b/s lipslides and even a f/s boardslide 270 out all go down in the blink of an eye! After all was said and shred, Tanya Schmid took 1st, Jessica Gibson 2nd and Bekah Ashley 3rd. Great game ladies!

The girls were ripping! Here's a lipslide on the down-bar in zone 1
Over the course of the day, we slowly marched closer to the Men's Open division. Everyone stayed focused on the riding at hand, but you could feel the anticipation thickening. With names like Shaun Murphy, Alex Hereford, Richie Verost and Zach Normandin all in attendance, an epic battle was surely at hand. As it turned out, just about every rider in the Men's Open division was a ripper and that meant the day was anyone's to win! The showstoppers on display got bigger and bigger until Shaun Murphy reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a proper b/s 360 to 50-50 on the down rail! At this point the whole contest site erupted with exuberance and celebration! Shaun took home 1st place as well as Electric's "Gooeyest Move" awards, Zach Normandin claimed 2nd and Richie Verost rightfully snagged 3rd!

Zone 2 was definitely the toughest of the three. Here's a f/s boardslide

Gapping to the business end of the up-down box in zone 3
We'd like to extend a "thank-you" the size of Vermont to Diane Lovell, Eric Langman and his terrain park crew, as well as Jeremy and Jay Bascom for all their hard work and PBRJ support. Thanks also to Volcom's Matt Lareau for snapping photos, Sam & Jess Greco for tabulating and Kris Anderson, Mike Lee and Andy for judging. Also, thanks to all the brands below for their PBRJ support!



15 & Under:
1st: J.T. Nolan
2nd: Jesse Del Vescovo
3rd: Tyler Benton
4th: Andy Weitzel
5th: Nic Hudson

16 & Over:
1st: Kai Wiggins
2nd: Levi Gunzburg
3rd: Johnny Saling
4th: Tarik Blowers
5th: Casey Savage

Girls' Open:
1st: Tanya Schmid
2nd: Jessica Gibson
3rd: Bekah Ashley
4th: Amy Gan
5th: Karin Dorsey

Men's Open:
1st: Shaun Murphy
2nd: Zach Normadin
3rd: Richie Verost
4th: Chris Fredette
5th: Dillon Ojo

Electric's "Gooeyest Move of the Event": Shaun Murphy – $50