Volcom PBRJ #11: Waterville Valley, NH

The 11th stop of Volcom Stone's 2011 North American Peanut Butter & Rail Jam tour swept into the US Northeast for a stop at New Hampshire's Waterville Valley Resort on Saturday, February 26th!

Well friends, each time the PBRJ tour meanders to New Hampshire for some quality time at Waterville Valley it seems we're in over our heads from square one. I haven't seen an official survey or a demographic breakdown but I think it's a somewhat safe assumption that the area contains the most colorful group of wildlife we have the benefit of joining forces with each season.

This was our delectable view from the PBRJ contest site.
Waterville Valley's Jamie Cobbett, Luke Mathison, Kevin Bell, Deb Moore and the rest of the fine people at the hill are lambs among sheep and doves amongst seagulls. These folks mean business and have a lot of fun making it happen. Thankfully, events and terrain parks are their business and I won't hesitate in noting they are extremely adept at these two things and every related facet. Boasting one of the finest terrain parks that side of the Rockies, the variety of features to choose for this year's custom PBRJ setup was exemplary! The terrain park dropped in a down-flat bar, a flat-up rail and a down-tube. Good stuff.

Fakie nosepress on the flat-up bar in zone 2
The 15 & Under division kicked things off in a flurry of stylish snow-sliding as big tricks were hammered out early and with authority! It was truly a delight watching the groms feverishly lay siege to the custom PBRJ features! Our ocular cavities were privy to frontside boardslides, backside tailslides and even a few back lips on the down-flat bar! When it came time to crown winners and award invites to this season's $25,000 PBRJ Championships (Mammoth, Sat April 16), Jake Aaronson was perched atop the podium with Parker Szumowski in 2nd and Jack Herald in 3rd!

It didn't take long for riders to begin airing to the end of the down-flat bar in zone 3
The 16 & Over group was up next and wasted no time getting into the nitty-gritty of the task at hand. With the tenacity and dexterity of an unrelenting rebel force, this group of riders unleashed a maelstrom of seriously impressive riding. With bayonets sharpened and guns blazing, we soaked up ridiculous tricks of the special variety. At the top of the list we have a nollie b/s 180 switch -50-50 switch f/s 360 out on the down-tube in zone 1! The battle went back and forth until our heads were spinning! In the end, Brendan Hart was victorious with Dennis FIlteau and Jack Dawe a close 2nd and 3rd respectively!

Switch 50-50 on the down-tube in zone 1
With their sights fixed firmly on Waterville Valley's custom PBRJ contest site, the ladies were determined to make some moves and leave a lasting impression on our three judges! Well it certainly didn't take long for both to happen! Taylor Owen and Lily Calabrese were on the scene and inspiring/forcing the rest of the ladies to reach into their bags of tricks and dispense some tangible treats! Given the caliber of riding we had on-hand, the judge's had more than enough quality shredding to evaluate! When it came down to naming the winners, Talor Owen sneaked out a 1st whilst Lily Calabrcese buttoned up 2nd and Micaela Aaronson snatched 3rd!

Frontside boardslide, zone 2
The Men's Open division was up next and was both ready and willing to throw down some mind-melting heavies! Featuring classy gents like Rob Hallowell, Merric Joyce and Al Grogan were knew a show was in store for us. It was great to see the riders feeding off each other and pushing to up the ante. There were about five riders who could have legitimately been named "victor", but alas, that's not the way the PB&J crumbles. Al Grogan ended up 1st with Rob Hallowell following closely in 2nd and Johnny O'Connor in 3rd!

Lipslide, zone 2

Switch tailpress, zone 1
Thanks to Jamie Cobbett, Luke Mathison, Deb Moore, Kevin Bell and the whole crew at Waterville Valley for making it fun and keeping it real. I don't know what we'd do without our annual exposure. Thanks also to Matt Fiorentino, Tim Doolittle and Tyler Davis as well as Matt Lareau, Sam Greco and Andrea Gutierrez for helping the stone regulate. Of course, thanks to all of our PBRJ product sponsors below!



15 & Under:
1st: Jake Aaronson – GoPro HD Hero camera
2nd: Parker Szumowski
3rd: Jack Herald
4th: Jackson Saia
5th: Caleb Kern

16 & Over:
1st: Brendan Hart
2nd: Dennis Filteau
3rd: Jack Dawe
4th: Matt Nardiello
5th: Mikey Prestipino

Girl's Open:
1st: Taylor Owen
2nd: Lily Calabrese
3rd: Micaela Aaronson
4th: Olivia Wiggins
5th: Jaime Del Pizzo

Men's Open:
1st: Al Grogan – $200
2nd: Rob Hallowell – $150
3rd: Johnny O'Connor – $100
4th: Merrick Joice
5th: Zach Normandin

Electric's "Gooeyest Move of the Event" award: Johnny O'Connor – $50