Volcom PBRJ #10: Powder Ridge, Minnesota

Volcom Stone's 2011 North American Peanut Butter & Rail Jam tour entered double digits with the 10th stop going off without a hitch at Minnesota's Powder Ridge resort on Saturday, February 19th!

Over the course of the tour, we get to witness/partake in diverse geographic locales and people of the eclectic variety. From larger resorts like Mammoth or Lake Louise to smaller ones like Waterville Valley or Martock, we certainly seem to cover a lot of bases. Powder Ridge, Minnesota is another relatively small hill but what's impressive is the level of riding talent the area possesses! When having a rope-tow means getting 60 laps a day, it's easy to see why skills are through the roof at Ridge!

Nosepressing across the lift tower in zone 1
In ceremonious fashion, we began the 2011 Powder Ridge PBRJ with the 15 & Under division! Many of the groms competing could have easily thrown down against Men's Open division riders at a few of the other stops! Our Minnesota tour stop is also unique in that is boasts the highest turnout of 15 & Under competitor amongst all our regional PBRJ stops around North America! As expected, the riding was exceptional as they guys pulled out all the stop in search of victory, prizes and ultimately in invitation to the $25,000 2011 Global PBRJ Championship (Mammoth Mtn CA, Sat April 16)! After the scores were added up, Clayton Hatzenbuhler locked down 1st, Randy Rehbein took 2nd and the honor of 3rd went to Mike Skiba!

Cullen Bernklau getting down to business in his 2nd PBRJ appearance of the season
Without a moment to spare, the 16 & Over division commenced and consequently turned things up to awesome in a hurry! The first heat was packed to the gills with talent, including Mitch Kirby, Daniel Spooner and Scotty Baker. Scott was so focused on getting his game together that he left his wallet at registration. There was only $73 in it so we gave it back to him.. All in all, the 16 & Over group of riders really set up the Men's Open Division in proper fashion! When the snow settled, Scott Baker stood alone in 1st, Daniel Spooner got a handle on 2nd and Josh Johnson jibbed his way into 3rd!

Fakie tailpress on the down-flat-down rail in zone 3
The Girls were up next and in Minnesota they hustle like no other (in terms of working hard). Nifty, as the girls heat seemed to divide into smaller groups and move around the features in unison. The good-natured positive energy observed was transformed into some seriously aggressive tricks on the rails! From Emily Blewitt's lipslide to Sara Winger's work on the pole jam, the crowd was definitely entertained! All the girls rode well, but only 5 could receive invitations to the PBRJ Championships! Taking home top honors was Emily Blewitt with Sara Winger and Vanessa Moore hot on her heels and in 2nd and 3rd respectively!

Girl’s Open division winner Emily Blewitt greasing a 50-50 across the lift tower
Throughout all this courageous riding and noble chivalry, the Men's Open division was patiently watching and waiting. They were keenly observing and absorbing the nuances of Powder Ridge's custom PBRJ contest site. Needless to say, by the time these guys got their crack at taking the features down they didn't waste it! All three PBRJ contest zones were quickly and decisively annihilated with a style note seen anywhere but the Midwest! Last year's overall PBRJ Tour champion, Ryan Paul was on his best behavior and quickly served notice to the rest of the competitor field! After some insane riding all-around, Ryan Paul successfully defended his crown whilst Cullen Bernklau snagged 2nd and Shane Ruprecht got it done in 3rd!

Frontside boardslide on the kink rail
Thanks to Layne Anderson, Tanner Bakke, Larry Schreffler, Derek Becker and the rest of the folks at Powder Ridge! For a smaller resort, they dish up a lot of big mountain amenities and we appreciate all the stone support. Of course, thanks to Matt Yaeger, Mike Pettit and Eric Shiffler for judging and Sara for helping with registration. There are good times, and then there are more good times. You win some, you win some. You get the point. Thanks also to all of our PBRJ tour sponsors for throwing down product for the competitors and winners!

The down-rail in zone two was a hot spot all day!


15 & Under:
1st: Clayton Hatzenbuhler – GoPro HD Hero Camera
2nd: Randy Rehbein
3rd: Mike Skiba
4th: Derick Lang
5th: Isaiah Pudas

16 & Over:
1st: Scott Baker
2nd: Daniel Spooner
3rd: Josh Johnson
4th: Erik Overson
5th: Mitchell Kirby

Girl's Open:
1st: Emily Blewitt
2nd: Sara Winger
3rd: Vanessa Moore
4th: Celena Fehlen
5th: Angela Chamberlin

Men's's Open:
1st: Ryan Paul – $200
2nd: Cullen Bernklau – $150
3rd: Shane Ruprecht – $100
4th: Jesse Paul
5th: Josh Tranby

Electric's "Gooeyest Move of the Event" Award: Colin Wilson – $50