Last Saturday night, Volcom hosted a grand opening for its first retail store located at 126 La Brea in Los Angeles, California. Held in full VeeCo style, the trendy, rocker, punk, DIY 150-plus person crowd milled between the clothing racks inside and overflowed into the alley-turned-patio located just out the store’s backdoor. Red-Bull vodka, tallboys of Bud, and pizza were flowing through an eclectic mix of regular LA kids, sponsored athletes, and industry bros who had turned out to see and be seen.

The store is located just a few blocks (ok so they’re LA blocks, but blocks nonetheless) from the trendy Melrose/Fairfax shopping district and only three storefronts down from fellow action-sports brand Stüssy’s own retail hub. The store is currently the only storefront in the works for Volcom, and will be used as a way for Volcom designers to introduce some one-off’s and special designs to the LA public before making them for a mass-market audience. “It’s something the designers and artists have wanted for a long time,” said VeeCo President Richard Woolcott. “It’s a great place for them to get close to the people who buy our stuff.”