Volcom Holds First Am Rail Contest At Mammoth

By Press Release
June 12, 2002

MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN, CALIFORNIA. May 18, 2002. Volcom Stone’s PEANUT BUTTER AND RAIL JAM went off without a hitch, thanks to the UNBOUND park staff at Mammoth and the creative minds at Volcom. The one-day event was the first ever of ità­s kind.

The goal was to give something back to youth snowboarding in America. A free contest was the logical answer, but it had to be different. It needed to be fresh, new and fun. Traditional contest rules and formats would not be used. Free food and drink would be provided. Hot dogs were on the grill, sodas were in hand, as were peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

First, the field would be divided into two age groups (16 and under) and (17 and over). Fifteen (16 and under) kids showed up and forty-five (17 and over) kids did as well to bring the entire field to 60. Riders would be divided into heats of 15 and would have 30 minutes to attack each of the three zones.

Second, the zones consisted of a mailbox that lead to a picnic table, a 20 foot double bar, and a 10 foot flat bar to 15 foot down with a 3 foot gap in between the two. The zones were all side-by-side, so competitors had to hike back to the top each time. In each zone, judges awaited the contestants at the bottom of each obstacle. Riders could hit each obstacle, as many times as they liked and only their best score in each zone would count. Riders with the highest score total would advance, so it was imperative to get a score on each rail. There was no start list or start order, the jam format reigned supreme. Further, no jerseys were used. Instead contestants wore bandannas on either their forward leg or forward arm to signify regular/goofy and forward/fakie.

Lastly, were the prizes. The goal was for everyone to walk away with something. Winners of each division received a season pass to Mammoth courtesy of Volcom along with: an 8 foot long rail, a skate deck, a snow skate, shoes, goggles, and magazine subscriptions. Skates were provided by: WORLD INDUSTRIES, CONSOLIDATED, FLIP, ACME, and BAKER. Snow skates by: BURTON and SALOMON. Shoes by: CIRCA and OAKLEY. Goggles by: DRAGON, ELECTRIC and OAKLEY. Magazine subscriptions by: TRANSWORLD and SNOWBOARDER. Each contest received a goody bag when they signed up with an event t-shirt, a Volcom snow movie, a Volcom snow poster, and wax from SIX PACK.


16 and under
1st. Eric Jackson
2nd. Tim Eddy
3rd. Jeremy Grendahl

17 and over
1st. Mike Bags
2nd. Max Weinberger
3rd. Dave Shift