Stoned in Australia

Photos and Captions by Jeff Brockmeyer 
Story by Pat Moore

Pat Moore living up to the title of Mr. Plant, planting all over the place at Perisher Resort.
Showing up to Perisher on the first day to a foot of pow was pretty awesome coming straight outta SoCal.

“G’day mate! Let’s throw another shrimp on the barby! Good as!” I don’t know why us Americans are so infatuated with the local slang like we are with the Australian lingo. We sound like total kooks anytime we try to mimic their quick draw and honestly look like idiots when we are thinking of the proper saying. Scotty James made a good point when he told me Americans just talk slowly, which is ironic because Scotty somehow adds multiple letters to his own words. For example an easy ,“no,” sounds more like, “noouuuurrrr,” when blurted from his face. All that shit is besides the point since this article will not be about dialect. It’ll be about my own opinion on Australia. With this being my first experience I’m confident in saying it’s exactly like America, just opposite. Here’s how.

I boarded my flight from super sunny fun-time Los Angeles, which is a sprawling urban jungle which borders two geographical features: mountains on the east side and ocean on the west. It is dark when we depart and after three movies, a couple glasses of wine and some terrible food, the sun rises as we speed above an area somewhere between Fiji and our destination, Sydney. Sydney is a beautiful city. It is a sprawling urban oasis with 2 definitive characteristics; ocean bordering the east and mountains (maybe an exaggeration, higher ground may be more appropriate) to its west.

Many snow enthusiasts looking to enjoy the beauty of California’s mountains will fly into LAX and then make the very pleasant six hour drive North on the 395 to Mammoth Mountain. Along this drive you get to see quaint little towns, high desert, mountains and wildlife. Since we were in Australia, we loaded up our opposite-sided whip and drove a similar six hours south from Sydney along the Monaro Highway to Perisher Resort. Along the way we gawked at some beautiful scenery, ate some food in a nice town and got to see lots of Kangaroos (mostly dead ones).

Gabe Ferguson (left) and Brock Crouch (right) are pretty hilarious young dudes to hang out with. They were ripping the resort and doing doubles all day and night.

Now, mountain-wise I wouldn’t compare Perisher to Mammoth, but rather a Big Bear or if you’re on the east coast it’s similar to Wachusett’s size. Similar to the prior examples’ lack of vert, they make up for it in quality parks. Perisher’s parks are designed by pro snowboarder Charles Beckinsale, and his knowledge of snowboarding really makes the parks flow with lots of different ways to hit each feature. Each jump is basically four different things, so although the park is relatively short, there’s endless ways to ride it. You got enough tricks for a park like that? I do. Methods.

The snowboard scene is awesome, with the park being so good, most of the uber-pro multi-flip guys are there practicing their acrobatics. Going up the chairlift is similar to a great seat at the X Games, with rider after rider chucking in every which way. The bottom jump was pretty perfect with some nice loft and an easy landing, so there were a lot of double corks and fancy spins with grab, grab, grab, grabs. All in all the level of riding there was spectacular, and seeing the new Volcom groms destroy the park was inspiring. Kids these days… they are good!

So I guess to get back to what I was saying, Australia is very similar to the US, or at the very least the area I visited is much like an area in America that I frequent. The people are radical, you can board it up whichever way you desire, and they speak the same language… Kind of. At the beginning of the trip I was annoyed by all the stupid sayings, but much like traveling to anywhere else you end up trying to talk the talk just ’cause it’s fun. If you got the means, go check it out. If I were back east I’d say this place is wicked awesome, but down under I’d say it’s good as mate!

Gabe and Brock double brothers from other mothers.
Chandler Hunt thought it would be a lot easier to this FS 360 without goggles.

(TL) Lift to the top at Perisher. (TR) Volcom Global Director of Snow Marketing Oren Tanzer bossed this trip and was stoked to show up and shred in rain. (BL) The Pats, Barraza and Moore, pre lace game. (BR) This is what it looked like snowboarding at the end of the day. No goggles, pointing it, trying to see. It was epic.
Flying in over Sydney.
Gabe Ferguson having fun after spending hours getting through customs and waiting for baggage to arrive

Scotty James, Gabe Ferguson and Elena Hight hanging in downtown Sydney after a long week of shredding.
(TL) Pat Moore blocking the shot. (TR) Elena Hight getting the shot.(BL) Workers in Sydney pissed to be getting sniped. (BR) Legs Crossing.
(TL) Volcom OZ Crew at the Volcom OZ headquarters (TR) Pat and Gabe  trying to pass the time by entertaining the crew on the way up to Perisher. (BL) A wet ride into the Sydney Harbor (BR) Gabe Ferguson’s first and not last experience with a headless woman.  
Downtown Sydney at night is breathtaking.

Torgier Bergrem is a total boss and threw down some stylish tricks at the night shoot like this frontside 360 nosebone.
After three days of stormy weather it was nice to see the sun and shred the resort. Gabe Ferguson pokes a backside 180 melon with ease.
There was this super sketchy jump through the trees that had a  rock and some tree roots in the landing.  The whole crew was lapping it and getting close to death each time.  Lyon Farrell makes it look easy.
Elena Hight had the pleasure of hanging out with a bunch of smelling stinky boys all week.  I think she may have been trying to knock me off the deck here to get back at me. 
Coming back from a small injury Christy Prior was still cruising around getting rad and stylish!
Christy Prior
A boss on a snowboard and the leader of the pack Elena Hight. 
Lyon Farrell flying over my head and into a landing in about a twentieth of an inch of fresh pow.  

Elena, Barraza, Scotty, and Pat. The daily commute to the mountains was pretty fun and full of shit talking and laughing.
Posers posing. Pat Moore and Scotty James. 
(TL) OZ TM Shane Azar giving the teenager a run for his money.  (TR) Groms hanging.  (BL) Scotty James is Famous and loves to stay hydrated. (BR) Gabe thought it would be a good idea to walk everyone who lived down the street back to their house one by one. He came back at the end of the night with a half of a shaved head.  

Volcom Snow Team Manager Pat Barraza  used to be an intern here at TW.  He’s one hell of an awesome dude to travel with.
Pat Moore tuck knee pit stop. 
I thought it would be funny to use color and humor to spice up the already colorful and hilarious Scotty James and Pat Moore Photos. There sure were a lot of gapers at Perisher.  
It was starting to dump really hard and I knew it would be rad to toss some backlights into the sky.  Gabe Ferguson asked me if a back rodeo would be tight and I said Hell YES! 
Volcom OZ night shred Crew L-R T-B  Torgeir Bergrem, PatMoore, Brock Crouch, Scotty James, Gabe Ferguson, Spencer Whiting, Joss Mcalpin, Brage Richenberg, Markus Kleveland, Christy Prior, Lyon Farrell, Elena Hight.