Yeah, the new VIDEOGRASS flick premiered Thursday night at the classic La Paloma theater in Encinitas, California. The movie is raw and funny and contains a multitude of what have come to be known as “hammers.”  It may be the only shred flick ever to feature someone shitting their pants—yeah LNP! and lots of other good shit, too. Hard To Earn from Technine played too, and may be their best flick yet. The old movie premiere formula—smuggle contraband into the theater, watch, hoot, holler, and when its over, everyone goes and gets grimy—well, that’s what happened. First to the beach for some suds and sand and then to the miserable Saloon for watery drinks. Lots of jerks and hags. Totally tight. Check the remnants we dragged together from the night. If you think this post sucks, come back a little later when the video is done cooking and see some live shit.


Street Meat: Jed Anderson, Louif Paradis, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, & Jonas Michilot.

biitner, BShaw, Meyer

Aaron Biittner, Chris Bradshaw, and Videograss creator, Justin Meyer, loose.


All thumbs

Premiere Dirt Video Coming… in like a few minutes or so …