Words and Photos: Aaron Blatt

As we look to the hills in the coming months, we will all be optimistically awaiting a brisk fall and an early winter. For some of us, the anticipation is almost crushing, and for others it’s riveting. Last night as the sun fell on the dwindling glacial snowpack in the mountains surrounding Portland, a buzz could be heard at the Bagdad Theater. The world premiere of the Videograss flicks awaited, and as people shuffled into the cinema off Hawthorne Street; snowboarding was definitely alive and well.

The scene outside the Bagdad. People were anxious to see these videos.

When the lights dimmed, Justin Meyer, Gus Engle, Darrell Mathes, and Joe Sexton walked out on stage and introduced the Vidograss line up – two films, Enlighten and The Darkside.

Videograss mastermind Justin Meyer onstage with Gus Engle, Joe Sexton, and Darrell Mathes.

A preview version of Enlighten played first, with some insane clips from the streets to the deepest of backcountry zones. Your boy from down under, Will Jackways put up some lines that certified him as a complete crazy person. Matt Belzile and Jake Kuzyk clearly took care of business while filming last season, alongside the French Canadian contingent of Phil Jacques, Frank April, and Alex Cantin.

A lot of radical dudes showed up to watch some radical videos.

After a short intermission The Darkside hit the screen with an energy that can only be created by this crew. Absolute fire from the entire Darkside gang had the whole theater waiting for what could come next as one of the finest soundtracks imaginable backed them up. After the movie wrapped up, newcomer to the VG crew, Joey Sexton explained what this movie, and premiere was all about.. “Videograss is what snowboarding needs, I’m so honored to be a part of it, I love everyone in the movie… I don’t really get to go to many premieres, I feel so fucking lucky to be surrounded by such great people and so many awesome friends. This night’s about everyone that made this movie possible, and everyone that came to see the movie that Justin [Meyer] produced.”

Justin and Darrell Mathes all smiles after the premiere was said and done.

Look for the VG movies on the shelves of your finest snowboard shops, and on the digital shelves of iTunes in the very near future.

The Darkside: Ben Bilocq, Chris Grenier, Danimals, Darrell Mathes, Gus Engle, Harrison Gordon, Jake O.E., Joe Sexton, Johnny Miller, Jon Kooley, Jonas Michilot, Jordan Mendenhall, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Nick Dirks.

Check out the teaser HERE.

Enlighten: Frank April, Matt Belzile, Alex Cantin, Dustin Craven, Bryan Fox, Will Jackways, Phil Jacques, Jake Kuzyk, Danny Larsen, Bode Merrill, Eero Niemela, Benji Ritchie.

Check out the teaser HERE.