Video Reviews 15.6

Nemesis Productions
Widely known as the “Active Ride Shop video,” One is the debut film from Neil Goss’ new production company Nemesis. It blows most shop videos away-of course, not many stores have teams including Tara Dakides and the entire cast of Supernatural riders. Max Jenke could win some sort of prize for the prettiest footage with a couple sunset shots in the backcountry, Joni Malmi is definitely huge in Japan, Matt Hammer and Chad Otterstrom kill it, and Scotty Wittlake may or may not be an alien. Buy this video-it’s completely watchable and entertaining.-J.S.

The Convention
Sound Strait Productions
The Convention is a plot-based snowboard movie-featuring Jesse Burtner, Mark Landvik, Bobi Rey, and Elan Bushell among others in skits where they battle evil corporate conglomerates hell-bent on sinking the snowboard industry. Lamborghinis, speedboats, explosions-it’s the usual spy/secret-agent-man theme. There’s good park footage, though, and some stunning 16mm film in the Washington and British Colombian backcountry. Big-mountain Jeremy Jones tears apart Alaska. You can’t tell who’s doing the riding unless you know these snowboarders by sight, however, because they operate under various “convention syndicate” pseudonyms. All in all, it’s sweet riding watered down with too many skits that outstay their welcome. Watch with caution-and your finger on the fast-forward button.-J.S.

The Arctic Challenge
Chilli Video
People wonder what Terje Haakonsen could possibly be doing since he cut down his days riding to something like twelve per season. Well, he’s busy putting together The Arctic Challenge contest. This video is proof of how huge the event is, from the giant fifteen-foot halfpipe to the enormous 30-foot (well, 29.5) airs on the quarterpipe. It shows the 25 snowboarders who were invited-including Danny Kass, Romain De Marchi, Trevor Andrew, and the man himself, Terje-in the various happenings of the Viking-style jam session. While 32 minutes of contest footage may seem a little long, this is the only chance you’ll get to view the event in this much detail. Watch it to see Heikki Sorsa’s record-breaking quarterpipe air, people eating whale meat, or Europeans reading dictionary definitions in broken English-it’s all worth watching.-J.S.

Nitro Team Video: Seek And Destroy
Seek And Destroy is short and to the point. Solid parts from the team’s heavies coupled with tight edits make for a one-two punch combo. Jesse Huffman gets the opener with some backcountry action and a few clips of European summer camp. Lukas Huffman also nails some choice Whistler sled-land kickers-with a few cliff drops thrown in for good measure. Mark Reilly takes it down a nasty kinked rail and through the park jumps with force. Shin Campos drops smooth technical action, as expected. Overall it’s a good video, but it gets a few demerits for the soundtrack-which starts out okay, then slips into a mess of weak junk-punk.-J.M.

Return Of The Wildcats: Flippin’ Mad Shit
It’s been two years since Lil’ Bastards. That’s ample time to collect party footage, as well as film a little action. Apparently the ‘Cats took snowboarding a little more seriously this round and produced a good deal of quality riding-for a bunch of lushes. I was shook as the credits rolled by-what the f-k happened to my dogs? Return Of The Wildcats was all shredding, and I was pissed-then the screen lit back up. Twenty minutes of idiocy and unedited, late-night debauchery-word! The Canadian cast has succeeded once more in the difficult task of balancing snowboarding and socializing. Cheers!-C.D.

The 49TH Chamber
JB Deuce Productions
For a Boarderline Alaska shop video, this movie has some good stuff. The point is driven home that Alaskans are indeed holding their own on snow- and skateboards. The skating is surprisingly good, and Jason Borgstede demonstrates he’s quite proficient as a skater himself. My only complaint is the lack oof natural features and terrain in a release from Alaska-that and Jesse Burtner’s arm flap.-C.D.

By: Joel Muzzey
The advent of palm-size digital-video cameras and idiot-proof editing programs like iMovie have turned our friends into aspiring filmmakers. But capturing your pals in action or agony-that’s the true purpose of buying the camera. Two examples of quality homegrown videos this season both come from the East Coast-with after-hours antics and backwoods shredding delivered in equal parts. Odyssey is by former Blue Lodger and Emerson film-student Ben Fee. Iron Curtain is the brain tumor of John Cavan and Greg Francke, dirts.Both videos feature riding from the East’s best native and export riders, including Brian Barb, Preston Strout, Nick Francke, Kyle Clancy, Shane Flood, Andrew Mutty, and even dirty Baker.

Regional bias aside, these videos really shine when the camera is pointed away from the action-and at the freaks who inhabit the fringes of this backwoods scene. Check the backflip trick tip in Odyssey and the World Quarter’s after-party clips in Iron Curtain. Classic.