This year video producers threaten to topple the frenzy of previous ASR premieres with the action captured from a huge season. As footage trickles in from the field, editors are grinding out sleepless sessions to compose their hits.

Here are a few of the production companies that will be showing videos at or around ASR time:

Easy Rider by Fall Line Films; phone: 1-800-729-9144; FAX: (916) 582-9161.

Stadium by Gorge Video Productions; phone: (509) 493-3050; FAX: (509) 493-4787.

The Goods by Jason Moriarty; phone: (310) 317-2199

Bogart’s by Roots Productions; phone: (303) 936-2006.

TB4¿Run To The Hills by Standard Films; phone: 1-800-252-1676; FAX: (916) 546-3387.

Whiskey II¿The Adventures of Boozey the Clown by Boozey the Clown Productions, and Milk by High Voltage Productions (twenty-minute teasers of each video will be shown at ASR); phone: (604) 985-1559

TransWorld SNOWboarding Video Magazine Volume 2.1 produced by TransWorld Publications; phone: (619) 722-7777; FAX: (619) 722-0653.

Dynasty produced by Snowboarder; phone: (714) 496-5922.

Keep an eye out for these videos that may not make it to ASR:

Meltdown Project by Mack Dawg Productions; phone: (916) 583-3826.

Preacher’s Five by Freeman Films; phone: (310) 457-2167.