Video Games For The Sony PlayStation

Sled Storm

Electronic Arts

Last year the Sno-cross at the Winter X-Games had me spellbound, so as soon as I saw the cover shot of Kevin Jones flying spread eagle through the air I knew this one was a winner. The game was pretty easy to play, especially after I set the controller up to my liking. If you can't afford the seven-grand for a snow machine, this game could be the next best thing.

Demolition Racer


One of my dreams in life is to total a new car. I've totaled a few junkers, and almost accomplished this feat a few times with rental cars, but I've never really felt fully satisfied. This game didn't help me fill that void either.

Cool Boarders 4

989 Studios

I wasn't really having fun playing this game, so I thumbed through the booklet for tips. The tips didn't help me, but the bios of the riders were fun to read. I hope that if they do a Cool Boarders 5, Natasza will add this game to her list of career highlights. I think I'll just stick with Pro Boarder.

Jet Moto 3

989 Studios

Although the concept of this game made little sense, I was stoked on how easy it was to play. After an hour of playing it, I had the weirdest cravings for Doritos, some Slim Jims, and a big glass of Mountain Dew. Later that day when I was taking a nap, I dreamed I was in a Body Glove wetsuit and riding a Kawasaki Jet Ski at 4:20. I knew what time it was because I saw the reflection of a Freestyle watch on my wrist in the Dragon glasses I was wearing.

Classic Games from the Intellivision


Last year I took an old Burton Backhill (you know the kind without bindings) to Mt. Bachelor after it had snowed a couple of feet. I had a ball for about twenty minutes trying to make it turn and jumping a little bump, but then I realized there was powder all around me. I went and got my then-new setup and proceeded to have one of the best days of the year.

SuperCross Circuit

989 Sports

My friends Joey and Keith laughed at me once when I crashed really bad on my dirtbike at their (Fishpaw) track. Joey told me that's what I get for trying to run before I could walk. My moto experience was pretty much the same with this game; I didn't have the patience to learn how to play it properly–the racing wasn't that user-friendly. I would usually just try to do tricks off of every jump, subsequently losing every race. Sorry again about that sub-frame, Joey.

Games for the Sega Dreamcast


Player INC.

It may be because I always dreamed of playing a professional team sport, or it may be because I can beat Shem every time we ever play sports games, either way I love playing sports games. This NFL 2K added to that pleasure–the graphics were amazing, the controls were simple, and the plays were realistic.

Air Force Delta


When I was a kid I'd set up all my green army men, douse them with gasoline, and burn them. Eventually, I ran out of green army men, but not my desire to make war scenes. One afternoon I went into my older brother's room (fully aware of the consequences of entering) and took two of his model airplanes. I burned those suckers good. The beat-down from my brother was a fierce one, but I felt it had been well worth it. I wasn't having too much fun playing this game, so I took it outside and burned it in memory of my brother.