Venus Snowboards Signs Wish

Venus Snowboards is pleased to announce signing rider Robin Wish to the Venus ProTeam for Winter 2004. Robin’s first appearance for Venus will be at the Van’s TripleCrown in Breckenridge CO, December 12th-14th, 2003. Robin will be riding the newVenus Zodi 156.

“Robin Wish is definitely a much needed addition to Venus Snowboards. She brings withher invaluable product test and development experience that is critical for progression ofVenus as a women’s snowboard company”, says Craig Everett, Mgr, Manufacturing.

Robin has been riding for seven years, and has called both Vermont and Coloradohome. She is a progressive halfpipe and slopestyle rider who will give an innovativepersonality to Venus Snowboards. “I was surprised the first time I rode the Zodi becauseI wasn’t expecting such a quality constructed and responsive women’s board. Finallythere’s a women’s board that I think a guy would be just as impressed with,” Robin says.”I’m really excited to be a part of the Venus team. I think Venus has a really inventiveconcept, and will change the perception of quality women’s snowboards in the next fewyears. They are entirely dedicated to the progression of women’s snowboarding, and I’mreally stoked to be such an integral part of that.”

Look for more of Robin and Venus Snowboards at the Van’s Triple Crown and US GrandPrix events this winter and on staff at High Cascade Snowboard Camp next summer.

Venus Snowboards is a women’s snowboard company focused on building qualityprofessional women’s snowboards. For years we’ve watched the women riders insnowboarding overlooked by a male dominated industry. Our inspiration has been fromthose women who want a choice in the design of snowboards they ride. These arewomen’s snowboards first and foremost. We don’t make surfboards and flip flops andaccessories and then sell snowboards on the side. We’re totally committed to women’ssnowboards.

“Don’t ride a boy’s board, Ride Venus”. Ask your favorite snowboard shop to carryVenus Snowboards. Dealer inquiries: