Velvet Signs Roberta Rodger

VELVET EYEWEAR welcomes Roberta Rodger to their team of outstanding athletes. Her positive attitude and unstoppable focus make her an invaluable asset for VELVET. VELVET creates super stylee eyewear for hard chargers with sophistication. VELVET has developed, in association with Shannon Dunn, the first snowgoggle specifically designed for the female rider. “The Flurry” will debut in November 2000.

So why is Roberta so happy? It may be that she’s just having such a great time enjoying life. Roberta comments, “Snowboarding is about fun and personal achievements. Along the way there will be people that will help you. Be appreciative of all you have. Don’t ever forget these people and what they’ve done for you.” Roberta keeps it all in perspective. She works hard, remains focused, and has a great time doing it.

Roberta’s got a great attitude and is a positive inspiration for other female riders. “I think this is such an awesome time in snowboarding for girls. We’re changing the status quo.” She’s been getting tons of exposure competing, promoting, and coaching all season and we’ll be seeing much more of her in the seasons to come.

One of VELVET’s most valuable components to their product development is their team, THEY ROCK! It’s all about eclectic style and the beautiful side of charging hard. Roberta joins Shannon Dunn, Cara Beth Burnside, Janna Meyen, and Hannah Teter on the exclusive VELVET Snowboard Team.

VELVET is located in Carlsbad, California. VELVET EYEWEAR strives to provide top quality eyewear and service for the fashionable female athlete. For additional information, please contact Erin Van Dyck (760) 929-2191, fax (760) 929-8714, or email