Variables 14.7 Sled Neck

Why did you start snowmobiling?
I started snowmobiling so I could find untracked terrain and jumps to film snowboarding on.

What was your first sled, and what do you own now?
My first sled was a ’98 Arctic Cat Powder Special 600. Now I own a 2000 Polaris RMK 800.

What maintenance do you do to your sled?
I grease all the moving parts that have grease nipples. Aside from those, I let the dealership mess with the more complicated stuff.

What dangers are in the backcountry?
Well, obviously avalanches and crevasses are very dangerous to be around, especially when covered by a snow bridge. Also, there are sinkholes into creeks and hidden rocks under the snow to be aware of. Getting lost from your group, getting lost in a snowstorm, and falling into a tree well are dangerous, too. It can all be pretty dangerous.

What’s more fun snowboarding or snowmobiling?
With the sled I own now, I’d have to say it’s 50/50-except when I’m digging out my snowmobile.