Variables 14.7: Hype Up

Joel Mahaffey

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Joel for the last eight or nine years and the privilege of spending this last season filming for Volcom’s Luminous Llama with him. What’s rad about Joel is that he’s not a “specialty rider”-he can do it all. While I was with him in Chile, he slid a rail that had three kinks and two turns. That same day he ollied a river and did a frontside five. We also spent a week in Baker freeriding, dropping cliffs, and doing lines. He’s a progressive rider with a lot of style. Joel’s not very tall, but he’s a rock. He’ll never let anything get the best of him. He’ll try a 900 until he stomps it-I’ve never witnessed a jump get the best of Joel.

Joel’s the person who jumped into a brawl with five Chilean guys to pull a friend from the bottom and received a couple of broken ribs himslef. After all that, he got up the next day and rode even harder than the day before. Joel is the shit! He’s been a strong influence in my riding and helped me improve. I look up to him in so many ways. He likes riding and working with his friends Kai, Ben Ashburner, and Jamie Heinrich. If Joel had a theme for life, it would definitely be, “Smoke ’em if you got ’em.”-Billy Anderson