Variables 14.5:Allan Clark

Sled Heads

Why and when did you first get into snowmobiling?
I first got into snowmobiling around ’95/96 season, because in B.C. you can access so much good snowboarding terrain by sled.

What was your first sled, and what do you have now?
My first sled was a Arctic Cat Powder Special 580, it was good to learn on, but you need more power around here. This year I’m on a Ski-doo MXZ 800 short track with two-inch lugs.

What are some of the dangers you can encounter, and how can you avoid them?
Avalanches, along with crashing your sled are the biggest dangers in the backcountry. You need to have avalanche knowledge and education-the backcountry can be very unpredictable. We lost a good friend last winter.

What sort of maitenence do you do to your sled?
I do basic upkeep, sometimes I’ll put in stiffer springs.

Do you have any advice for beginners?
Yeah, take an avalanche course, go out with someone who knows the terrain, and shred fresh pow. Also, rent sleds until you learn how to control them or it could get very expensive.