Vans TC Bear Mtn. Rail Jam Results

The shredding didn’t stop after Saturday’s Triple Crown slopestyle at Bear Mountain. In fact, the shit was just getting heated up. At the base of the hill, riders piled up to hit two rails in front of hundreds of seething spectators. We had men’s rail jam winner Jeff Meyer break it down for us.

Judges: Brian Knox from Vans, Kevin English from K2

Notably Absent: Steve Van Doren, his grill, and his hot dogs

The contest was broken down into two rails. $6,000 was the purse for the event. The two rails were:

S Rail.

Women’s Winner: Erin Comstock of Salt Lake City, Utah. (Roxy, Chorus, Smith, Neff, Vans) $500.00 Trick: Holding down the 50/50 for the entire S. Erin killed this rail and was consistent with her 50/50 a few times during the intense 30minute snakefest. She nailed the S rail multiple times during the days prior to the jam.

Men’s Winner: Jeff Meyer of Breckenridge, Colorado. (Unity, Bolle, Stick It, Screamer, Medium Control, Copper) $2,500.00 Trick: 50/50 to Boardslide to 270 out. I slammed real fucking hard on the rail prior to landing my trick, and my knee is so swollen up right now.

Notable Riders: Jason Borgstede attempting a switch stance frontside boardslide numerous times, but couldn’t get the entire rail. The Borg won the snake of the year award for hitting the rail 3 times as often as any other rider. Joe Eddy’s valiant effort with a clean boardslide through the entire S was dope. Robby Sell going for the Frontside boardslide but coming up just a few feet shy.

Gateway Box. (Up, Flat, Down)

Women’s Winner: Alexis Waite of Lake Tahoe, California. (686, Velvet, Santa Cruz, Etnies, 32) $500.00 Trick: Boardslide up, 50/50 across, frontside boardslide down. This win complemented Alexis’s third place finish in the slopestyle event.

Men’s Winner: “Local for Life,” Chris Bradshaw of Big Bear, California. (Gnu, Recon, Real Deal Ride Shop, LHA). Trick: Multiple variations, but one mean frontside tailslide across the entire box.

Notable Riders: Chris Hotell tossing out every change-up combo imaginable. Chris Bradshaw’s local friends tossing out a 450 to 450 combo, and one die-hard local tossing out the crowd-pleasing front flip off the top of the box.