Putting The Cold in Cold Hard Cash | Vans Hi-Standard

Everyone had a killer time at the sixth stop of the 2016 Vans Hi-Standard Series at Mt. Creek, New Jersey last Saturday—even though it was so cold the maple syrup froze solid on the free Vans waffles. Most of the die-hards who braved the -4° F (-20˚ C) and high winds were rewarded with mitts full of cold hard cash in $5-bills by the end of the day.

The Vans Hi-Standard Series' unique event format is all about getting back to the roots of what makes snowboarding great—style, creativity and having fun. And when the only rule is that you can't spin anything over a 720, and the Big Air Jam features both 25-foot and 35-foot takeoffs, riders from all ability levels can show off their bag of tricks. Vans athletes Mike Ravelson, Mary Rand and Parker Szumoski were on hand to help give out $2,000 in $5 bills for the big air and rail jams—and an extra $500 for the Van Doren Rail Best Trick in much bigger chunks.


"The Vans Hi-Standard Series is amazing because everyone can really just do what they want here," said Ravelson. "And everyone was riding really well today."

The nice and loose jam formats of the day created a super fun vibe with friends trying to step things up and learn new tricks together. It was a session in the truest sense of the word—especially when it came down to the impromptu rail jam in the afternoon, which became a day-saver because of the increasingly high winds.


Addison Gardner from the 15 and Under division and Kevin Kaczynski from the 16 and Overs both rode so consistently well they each earned the title of MVP.


In fact, Gardner impressed everyone so much in the Van Doren Rail Best Trick with his Cab 270 on the down box, that he took the top spot in his division—and $200. But it was Ryan Gormley in the 16 and Overs who took home $300 for his Frontside Boardslide on the close-out to down rail.


The Vans Hi-Standard Worst Bail of the day (and awesome consolation prize pack) went to Allen Strack; and the Most Improved Rider award went to a very happy LJ Hernriquez.


Not to be outdone by the shred side of the Vans Hi-Standard Series, is theHouse of Vans Art Workshop at every stop, which is free and open to everyone. Here participants are given their own pair of Vans Classic Slip-Ons to custom design with the help and inspiration of an invited local artist. This stop featured the graffiti-inspired Jamie Heff, who's as comfortable with canvas as he is a blank brick wall. Stoked participants Amy Klein, Alec Body and James Boylan received accolades for their awesome custom designs and Jake Koch was the big winner of the day taking home the Giant SK8-Hi, painted by Jamie Heff himself—after winning the raffle.


The next stop of the Vans Hi-Standard Series heads back to Canada, touching down at Mt. Norquay, Alberta on Saturday, February 20th. All competitors are encouraged to pre-register for their local stop of the 2016 Vans Hi-Standard Series, and online registration closes the Thursday before each event.

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