Vans Cup at Tahoe Slopestyle

While the sun did shine most of the day for the Slopestyle event, the previous few days two feet of new snow did affect things. Mostly due to the fact that there was almost no practice time available to the riders before heats got underway. Practice was open on Friday but the new snow made the course too slow to really throw down and most riders choose to ride pow in the trees instead. Access was via an old, long double chair, further reducing slope time. Once on the course riders faced a rail and fun box side by side up top followed by three jumps in a row and a rail section at the bottom to finish it off. The final jump had big gap down the middle, making transfers possible. The most critical jumped seemed to be the first one.

There were some surprises in Slopestyle—Danny Kass failed to make it into the finals. He was close, but ended up twelfth, two spots shy of making the cut. Movie star Todd Richards did surprisingly well, he slid and spun his way to sixth place. Todd was a fill in announcer during the other events, talk about moonlighting, good to see Todd still killing it. Sketchy D was another surprise. Most people know that he rips but no one new he had fourth place skills in him. Izumi getting second place in the women’s division was news to most. Heard a lot of people saying “who is that during her runs?

Veteran Tara Dakides claimed the third spot with crowd pleasing rodeo flips over the second jump. South Lake local Jaime Anderson has been on the come up for a bit so I think people were prepared to see her win despite her only being fifteen years old. Mason Aguirre has skills and just came back from Torino to snag second place. Mason’s winning run consisted of a cab 180 to tailpress to 180 out on the box, a cab nine, a front seven, a back nine and a nose press to back 180 out. Nate Sheehan is very familiar with podiums and he was being called the winner before the official results were out. How did he do it? Only a front board combo, switch back 7, cab 9 truckdriver, back 180 over the channel and a hardway cab 270 to finish.

Not exactly a spin fest, like the Session earlier this year in Vail. This contest was relatively low on the rotation count. Does it really matter though? Everyone had a blast and the fans were stoked. The combination of fresh pow and a low key atmosphere meant good times for all.



1. Nate Sheehan $22,000
2. Mason Aguirre $14,000
3. Chaz Guldemond $7,000

4. Sketchy D $4,000
5. Myles Hallen $2,500
6. Todd Richards $1,200
7. Brian Regis $800
8. Michael Casanova $700
9. Andreas Wiig $600
10. Marius Otterstad $500
11. John Jackson $300
12. Danny Kass $250
13. Tapio Kuusakoski $250
14. Chris Bartowski $250
15. Danny Williams $250


1. Jaime Anderson $17,000
2. Izumi Azaike $8,500
3. Tara Dakides $3,000

4. Alexis Waite $1,500
5. Silvia Mittermuller $1,000
6. Chanelle Sladics $700
7. Leanne Pelosi $300
8. Hanna Beaman $300
9. Spencer O’brien $300
10. Erin Comstock $300